Raipur based Sunira Khullar Nutritionist & Clinical Dietitian, Founder of Hygieia Nutrition shares her Entrepreneurial journey on International Women’s Day

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Accept Happy Women’s Day from Hello Mumbai News.com Team :

Each year, Hello Mumbai News takes the privilege to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th to propagate and recognize women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements through featuring stories on their successful journey in their field and to call for gender equality

This is with a goal to raise awareness about the need to end gender-based violence, promote women’s leadership, celebrate their contributions, promote entrepreneurs, startups and advocate for women’s economic empowerment around the World.

In Honour of International Women’s Day We, Hello Womeniya.com Team took an Exclusive Interview of Raipur based Sunira Khullar Nutritionist & Clinical Dietitian, Founder of the Hygieia Nutrition.

We hope her story’ will inspire one and all.
So guys read on :

Hello Womeniya:Could you Introduce yourself to our readers?

Sunira Khullar Nutritionist & Clinical Dietitian, Founder of the Hygieia Nutrition
Sunira Khullar is a Clinical Dietitian with a PG in Health & Nutrition from Delhi university. I started Hygieia Nutrition in June 2019 to provide accurate information about lifestyle disorders to the masses. As I believe one can only prevent a disorder if she/he is well aware of it in advance. Sunira Khullar is a ray of hope for everyone who has fallen into trap of fad diets and is looking to improve their health with the simplest yet practical meal plans & food psychology. Although being a nutritionist, I’m a foodie also there’s no deprivation in my meal plans and on the plate. I love curating new recipes and sharing them with my clients to make them “Eat Better Not Less”.


Hello Womeniya :something about your startup and how people can benefit from it?

After working with renowned Gyms & Fashion Models I gained an experience in the field and started my journey as a clinical dietician and improved the nutritional status of many people belonging to Raipur, J&K, Gurgaon, Punjab, and a few overseas clients in the USA, Dubai, and Canada with my therapeutic diet plans, many have transformed their body and successfully managed and reversed their lifestyle disorders. I have expertise in the management of diabetes, obesity, hypertension & PCOD. She has also experience giving nutritional therapy to GDD and autistic Patients…At the same time, I have experience treating lean & underweight Patients.


Hello Womeniya :Challenges have you faced as a women Entrepreneur and how did you overcome them?

I was a medical student from Bakshi Nagar Jammu, completed my graduation in the year 1999 from women’s Prade college. Being focused on the health department. I tried the entrance Exam for MBBS only once and after not getting successful without wasting my tests and trials, I decided to go for a bachelor of science and then can have some other qualifications

Due to certain personal family circumstances, I was not supported to have my medical studies from any other state of India. But I felt that still there were many sectors to prove myself. During 2000-2001 I joined my PG Diploma course in health and nutrition and at the same time I applied for PG Diploma in computer application. In both fields, I score good marks in the first division. This encourages my inner zest to explore more in my studies. So after that, I applied for a bachelor’s in education and then also did a master’s in education. After that, I have been selected for the scholarship form of MCSE (Microsoft Certified course of System Engineering). Right after my studies, my parents fixed my marriage to a person belonging to one of the renowned business families of Jammu. As I belong to such a renowned family I was not supported to do the job in the private sector. Finally, I decided to open my institution where I served students for 6 years, but this was not the end of my journey, at the same time I joined convent school – St. Peters Karan Bagh (ICSE Board) where I served for many years. In the year 2016, I shifted to Raipur capital city of Chhattisgarh and I joined KPS (CBSE) as a science teacher. During the 2019corona, when many people required health guidance and correct lifestyle habits I decided to give a new direction to my career as was already having my qualifications in hand.

Hello Womeniya : What Inspired you to start your business?

In the year 2019 due to Covid, many people were suffering from chest infections and also suffered from post-Covid disorders, all because of the wrong myth of eating habits. When I was admitted to ICU due to Corona Chest infection, during that time I experience many people losing their lives due to wrong eating habits in that ICU ward. Patients suffering from Corona infection use to opt for juices or sugary components which was against the corona. Even during critical conditions, they never accepted to wear the oxygen mask and within hours I have seen them collapsing, this was not tolerable by my inner self. Right after my discharge first of all changed my family’s eating habits and then started guiding people also. This social service has benefited many people and hence decided to open a nutritional therapy center.


Hello Womeniya : does your inspiration come from?

Ms. Anar Mehta, A famous Women Entrepreneur, social worker…founder of the Shrishti Bharat foundation always inspires me with her service to women of the nation, she personally so many times encourage me and guided me whenever I needed her help.


Hello Womeniya : you feel that in India there are enough structures and facilities put in place to assist Women to expand their Startup Journey?

After 2019 Indian Government has proved itself in the field of science and research that they are no less than other developed countries. If India wants to assist Indian women to expand their startup journey, I think there is ample revenue, enough structures, and facilities.

Hello Womeniya : do you balance your professional and personal life?

Being a woman who belongs to men dominating society, is quite difficult for women of such a mindset kind of family to maintain a balance in their professional and personal life. As in many situations we as women have never been supported in such conditions where sometimes we need help. So being the stronger determinant for my ambitions I decided to be a multitasker as Mom, Wife, and community health worker.

Hello Womeniya : What advice would you give to someone who is an aspiring women entrepreneur?

For any woman of country or world who has the firm zeal to serve her nation or mankind as well as an aspiring women entrepreneur I would like to advise i.e. You might fall seven times but get up the eighth time. Giving up is not an option.

Hello Womeniya : What women Inspire you?

Mother Terresa was always my inspiration since my childhood when I studied her article about her services to mankind specially for the poor and needy in the health sector.

Hello Womeniya : What is your message on International Women’s day?

I have come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint, that the best way to discuss what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard and allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.

Hello Womeniya : our readers can find you and keep in touch with you?

Sunira Khullar, Block C3C, Flat 301, Golden Tower, Amlidih.

Mob. – +91-9796650416
Email – sunirakhullar@gmail.com
Insta id- @hygieia_nutritions

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