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Meet Priya Sawant, a renowned name in the Training Industry. She is an authority in Leadership training and has conducted trainings for several prestigious organizations like Air India, Garware, Podar Group, SBI,IIT-D,IICS,Delhi and Mumbai University Colleges, Phd Chamber of commerce, L&T etc to mention a few.

Notably, Priya is positivity personified and an epitome of creativity ,humanity and sincerity. She is a Leadership Development Expert and a multifaceted personality.

Predominantly recognised as Iron Lady, she projects a perfect balance amidst compassion and discipline while at work. Since past two decades she has conducted more than 5000 workshops for people from various strata and background. Armed with post graduation in Analytical Chemistry from Mumbai University, she kicked-off her journey as research scientist in a reputed pharmaceutical company and has worked with senior scientists of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai.

Later she pursued Masters in Industrial as well as Clinical Psychology. She is an alumnus of DMS ,IIT Delhi. Being a proud Army officer’s wife,she is actively contributes to India’s Skill Development Mission through her training session as a certified training expert from Ministry of Skill Development of India .She has been felicitated with many awards and accolades at national and international level.

In 2019, she was also felicitated for her work in UK Parliament and was invited as Panelist speaker at Women Entrepreneurship Forum, held at Florida, USA, in 2019. She is an Honorary Advisor to Sports Academy Association of India..

Priya’s poetry collection, “Kavya Trisha “which got published on 12th May 2018 is a wonderful collection of poems written by her on life, time, souls we meet during our life journey. Her poems reflect her positive outlook and convey the clear admiration for a meaningful life. She has authored a book ‘Golden Success Skills’ which was released at Raj Bhawan by Baghatsingh Koshyariji ,Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra, and Goa along with yet another poetry book “Kavyanjali”.
Her paper on Stress management has been published in Social Sciences International Journal, Vol 3.
She was Interviewed by All India Radio ,Noida, Radio, U.A.E and U.S talk shows and been featured in many magazines,

As a multifaceted personality, Priya is passionate about music too. Singing is her hobby and she is a voracious reader too.
She has conducted more than 5000 workshops in past two and half decades. She has successfully made positive impact on more than 150000 individuals so far . She is selflessly working for empowering students, parents, women by her inspirational workshops.

Knowing the need of housewives to learn English she is imparting basic knowledge of English language through her regular daily online posts along with daily online motivational quotes, other educational and informative posts

She supports people through her counselling services to solve their psychological problems and face-life challenges. Her work has been appreciated by many eminent personalities from various fields and educational Institutions. She has been a catalyst in transforming lives of many.
She was principal of Horizon School in Pune and has played a pivotal role in developing positive mindset in students, parents and developing leadership qualities in students.

She is passionate on helping people to understand themselves and each other better. She is dedicated to helping individuals to achieve a new level of understanding in the way people think, behave and interact. Her life purpose is to work for peace happiness and humanity.

She has contributed to promotion of governments Agnipath scheme through various programs by eminent political leaders.

As a social activist, philanthropist she has been associated with NGOs and is Member of Army wife Welfare Association too.

*Her Journey*.
Priya hails from a very well educated and cultured family from Maharashtra. Her mother is the proud recipient of the President Award for teachers and her Father had served in Indian Navy. During her childhood, Priya stayed with her grandparents during her childhood years which helped her lay the foundation of her progressive thinking. Her grandmother, a dedicated social worker and was a very active member of congress, and a municipal councilor from Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.

Priya considers her grandmother as her role model. and she owes all credit for her positive, dynamic and versatile personality to her parents, brother and maternal uncles who nurtured her talent and leadership skills with great love and affection. They are the pillars of strength in her life.

After coming to Mumbai for primary education, she proved her academic excellence by being the first ever student at the school to clear the scholarship examination.
Priya was an all-rounder student. She had won many prizes during her school and college years for debates, elocution , sports like badminton ,athletics ,she was an excellent Kho- Kho player, dance, theatre, handwriting competitions etc. at state and district levels.

She was a very bright science student and pursued her Master in science in Analytical Chemistry from Department of Science, Mumbai University where only top ten students are admitted every year per branch.

She started her career as Research scientist in a pharmaceutical company in 1994, at Mumbai wherein she worked under the guidance of senior scientists of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre for developing excipient formulations. She later worked in reputed multinational pharmaceutical company “Raptakos & Brett”. Mumbai, as a research & development team member.

It proved a bit difficult decision for her to give up a high prospectus job and get married to an Army officer. But now Priya thinks it as a great blessing as she got to learn a lot as an army wife and was groomed into a strong lady due to adversities she had to face during difficult times like Kargil war or postings at perilous places.

She recalls that every posting was a new life experience..She worked at various capacities like Co-curricular activity in- charge, subject coordinator, Primary, TGT, as well as PGT in various army and public schools all over India. It was while working in Educational Sector, that she received many awards and appreciations for her innovative approach and commendable teaching skills,

Priya is recognised for her dedication, sincerity and positive attitude. As an active member of AWWA she could acquire great event management skills.

Her journey wasn’t a cake’walk as every time she had to prove herself and begin from a scratch like most of the army family members. Priya always kept on learning new skills and talents.

In Pune she met her mentor
Dr Oak who motivated her to pursue her passion. She emerged as the first student of the Modern College Pune to acquire double master’s degree in Industrial as well as in Clinical Psychology, she topped the college practical Examinations which helped her to regain her confidence to continue learning after 15 years of graduation. She considers herself to be blessed with a supporting Husband who always encouraged her to learn and helped her to pursue further education.

Priya was also inspired by her mother-in -law Sushamatai, who was city Mayor then. It was from her that she learnt the people’s management skills and to handle the life challenges fearlessly.

She did her Enterprise management course from the prestigious institute like I I T Delhi from where her entrepreneurial journey started.
Her first venture was ‘Gift Planet, which was like a corporate gifts as a part of project work. She designed her own website without any formal training. She then tried her hands-on trading of leather hand bags and purses, also into supply of spices and other products. She is on advisory board of her brother’s Import -Export Business. She always had a burning desire to do something different.

At IIT, listening to greatest education and business wizards had boosted up her entrepreneurial thinking.
Her son, winner of Delhi state championship for Golf and a national level golfer is her biggest support and motivator.

He is the one who gives her strength to chase her dreams.
While doing her small business she was looking for a different product, and acquainted with one Kapoor Uncle who was into paper industry, a successful old entrepreneur with rich experience, He showed her a product which was an Italian wooden magnetic frame with 52 motivational quotes. Once when she had gone to visit the factory he mentioned about the great motivational speaker Shiv Khera and told her you are sitting on the same chair where he usually prefers to sit. At that very moment Priya felt very inspired by the thought of motivational speeches and the sight of the 52 motivational quotes written on 4 ft x 5 ft paper frame ignited the idea of her new venture. In the same period she was gifted by a motivational book of Shiv Khera by her friend Deepti ,which again helped her to realise her passion and to set her goal.
Priya’s journey as a motivational speaker started with workshops for teachers in Army school, in Delhi Cantt which was appreciated a lot. She was fond of storytelling and always used to narrate and inspire her students to do well in life. She had decided to take a break in her career for the sake of her son’s education but was always keen to utilize her free time qualitatively. Hence, she started conducting workshops for students and teachers in army schools and convent schools in nearby vicinity. She then worked with leading Publication House in conducting workshops for school students and various other educational Institutes. She was happy as it gave her flexibility of time and the job satisfaction. Again, due husband’s transfer she had to quit the job as usual. To maintain continuity was the major problem. She was fed up appearing for interviews all the time merely to prove her caliber. She decided to work independently. After returning back to Delhi Priya got the opportunity to work with NGOs and coaching institutes as a freelance trainer. When many of her learned friends started sharing their frustrations about meaningless life she felt a strong need to utilize their knowledge and wisdom for the betterment of the society. Her initiative Leading Lady Foundation is based on the thought that every lady can be a leading lady to someone. Mrs. Priya Sawant is constantly striving hard to cultivate “Yes, you can do it” attitude in ladies and youngsters through her motivational workshops. She has focused her efforts to support individuals from all age groups and social strata for achieving success, peace and happiness in life. Her initiative Leading Ladies Foundation is based on the vision to utilize knowledge and wisdom of empowered women to empower people and contribute in social development.
Being an Army Officer’s wife, she considers herself fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work for various noble causes all over India. She got the opportunity to hear, to learn and to interact through eminent successful personalities from various fields. She has attended numerous seminars to upgrade her knowledge. She strongly believes goodness and humanity does exist. One who realizes and believes this, sees world as a beautiful place, gets inspired to make world better and works for peace and harmony. She herself was motivated and touched by the affection she received from people. She says if you do good for others, goodness & love is what you get in return. She wants to promote and support to every aspiring individual possible who is willing to put necessary hard work to achieve success

About herself

“My life’s purpose became clear to me after completing my enterprise management course from department of management studies, IIT Delhi. It was only then I started my entrepreneurial journey. Pursuing Science, psychology and management knowledge gave me an edge over others. My army background favored me to explore life. I was fortunate enough to meet and get guidance from well experienced, erudite, and wise people from several fields. They all helped me to grow as a person. My perspective to look at life became more positive and prudent. They made my positive beliefs stronger and developed my faith in humanity. I started my professional journey in 1994 as a research scientist at Enar Chemicals, Mumbai and later as Research and Development officer at one of top most pharmaceutical company ,Raptakos and Brett ,Mumbai.There after I got the opportunity to work as teacher, Principal and Leadership Development Training Expert in educational as well as in corporate sector across India. Interaction with more than one lac people from various fields during my seminars, at national and international level made me realise the importance of life skills over technical and academic skills .Life skills are the skills which are required to lead life with healthy and happy mind .These are the skills which add to the personal effectiveness of any individual and should be learned by all to deal with stress and other life situations. These skills help to develop resilience, foster emotional management ability and in turn helps an individual to adjust with all adversities as well as achievements in a balance way. My book Golden Success Skill” is a small effort to pass on the knowledge and useful information that I have gathered over time. I have seen many entrepreneurs, senior students, sportspersons, working Professionals from Government and private sectors, Businesspeople almost everyone facing emotional turbulence at some point in life. Everyone wants to move ahead in life, achieve more in life. Some are capable but directionless, some work hard but lack efficiency and face disappointment. Many find it difficult to even cope up with their own life and other people.

But everyone aims to succeed in life and wants to make it better. I believe that everyone has the ability to do something great. Everyone has equal right to succeed.”

Her Philosophy of Life:Life is all about learning and gaining knowledge, utilising it for humanity and contributing for societal development. Life is beautiful for those who can make it beautiful by making every moment valuable for our life .

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