Travel & food Entreprenuer Padmini Dedhia shares her amids lock down experince with Hello Womeniya

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Message from PDee’s Kitchen

Hi, I am Padmini Dedhia , I love traveling, in fact, I am an avid traveler! I feel that I was born to travel. Always keen to explore new places, and curious to learn their culture, I traveled a lot across India, discovering the unsung wonders and I have also explored international destinations. Apparently, that made me a foodie! Trying out the local cuisines was something that I never missed out, even if that meant getting late for boarding a plane…

But, as the current scenario prevails, one thing that hurts me the most is to not be able to travel. So, amidst lock-down, I started exploring a lot of new things, and guess what! I found the reasons why every place has cuisines! It’s because you can bring back the experience of going to that place by just savoring the taste! It works like a magic wand! As a foodie, I experimented various dishes, both, Indian and international.

I go to Kailash, every year, in the holy month of Shravan to seek the blessings of the Almighty.And then go to a specific place to have Sel Roti’ – a sweet made of rice flour, to celebrate being able to go there. It dint seem quite possible for me to go this year, and I missed it so, I thought of making Sel Roti and having it by my house balcony! As soon as I started having that, memories started flooding in! I could imagine myself at Kailash, amidst the serene mountains, at the Almighty’s abode.

I realized the magic of food that had the power to bring back memories and that’s when I thought of initiating PDee’s kitchen! PDee’s Kitchen is more than just a hobby for me! It’s my way of connecting travel to every moment of my life! Through PD’S kitchen, I wish to provide exclusively home-cooked menus that shall have the authentic taste and the magic to bring back your best memories attached to it!

Deliciously yours,

PDee’S Kitchen

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