About Us

Hello Womeniya is an online news portal with the mission of inspiring, empowering and promoting women from around the world to create their ideas into reality and build widely successful business.

Hello Womeniya is an online Media platform created by HelloMumbaiNews.com. it offers resources, tools, and  community for women who want to write on women empowerment, women entrepreneurship and who want to make network ,we will support them through our digital platform.

Hello Womeniya is a first of its kind unified access portal which brings together women from different parts of the world. India to realize their entrepreneur aspiration to promote women empowerment.

Hello Womeniya is the unique digital platform for the Indian woman who wants to stay engaged with the digital world and ideas to offer. We focus on women’s self-development to encourage and to promote women entrepreneurship. To raise women’s social legal issues.

It is a unique international Digital platform, where all women can share their views, opinion, news article, feature stories etc. They can promote themselves on this platform. We empower them to an amazing network that inspires and guide her.

Aims and objectives

  1. To create a unique digital platform worldwide, platform on which women access the country and globally can come together, can share their experience, concern, believes among each other.
  2. To promote entrepreneurship among women, empower them to join the economic mainstream.
  3. To enhance the status of women in the society by creating a culture of entrepreneurship among the women both rural and urban areas worldwide.
  4. To develop successful models of entrepreneurship, emulation worldwide.
  5. To serve as a bridge between women entrepreneurship and the government.
  6. To create, update government development skill, scheme for the women empowerment.
  7. To promote women startup business on digital platform.
  8. To give new digital identity to every woman through this digital platform.
  9. To make create an international women community globally who can help each other in women empowerment business networking. This international platform will help each other to promote their business as well as to increase their Network.
  10. We welcome both immature and professional writers who can make contribution in the form of article, stories, case studies, people’s profile and interviews.
  11. Hello Womeniya brings all women’s on common platform to ensure that their opinions, vision are collectively.
  12. To create a platform (digital) on which women can express and share their daily concerns and beliefs among each other.
  13. We strive to reach out to women of all facts of Life, our aim is to inform, to inspire , encourage and to promote them.


To promote all women globally via this digital platform

To make an International women community globally, who can help each other in woman empowerment, business networking can share their news and views, personal stories, business stories or social stories in the platform

Create big network of professional women in metro cities of India,

Will create our digital identity globally through this digital platform.

To build a superior networking platform for professional women to expand and improve opportunities.

To help to startup business giving finance from financial institutions.

Will give strategies legally social status.

Why you join us – Benefits after joining us?

  1. Networking with passionate women entrepreneur across the world.
  2. All data sharing such as startup women entrepreneur, media business networking government official.
  3. Access to all entrepreneurship society, Association trade and business association.
  4. Access to all top Ngos (women empowerment) writers
  5. Will feature your personal profile, Company and professional profile.

Listing opportunity of your company product.

  1. Media exploit on digital platform, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube
  2. Safety membership id
  3. After becoming member, as a member you will have opportunity to network with each other

Women entrepreneur and social entrepreneur and you can promote your business through this platform.

You will find listing of all the participating women entrepreneurs, their products and service all at in glance

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