Veteran Actors Zareena Wahab and Anita Raj’s First-Ever On-Screen Collaboration in Lafzon Mein Pyaar 

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28th July 2023: Prepare to be enchanted by the melodious harmony of Lafzon Mein Pyaar, a mesmerizing musical love story that unfolds against the breathtaking backdrop of Kashmir. Adding to the allure of this cinematic masterpiece is the highly anticipated collaboration of two legendary actresses, Zareena Wahab and Anita Raj, who grace the silver screen together for the very first time.

Produced under the prestigious banner of Monarch Films, with Ashok Sawhny “Sahil” at the helm, Lafzon Mein Pyaar weaves an emotionally rich tale centered around the intriguing clash of two generations, accompanied by soulful traditional melodies. Leading the star-studded cast are the exceptional talents of Zareena Wahab and Anita Raj, who bring their decades of experience and charisma to this captivating love story.

As the multi-talented Dhiraj Mishra and Yashomati Devi pen the screenplay and dialogues, the film is beautifully brought to life by the visionary direction of Dhiraj Mishra and Raja Randeep Giri.

Lafzon Mein Pyaar boasts an exquisite musical score featuring seven soul-stirring ghazals penned by the prolific Ashok Sawhny “Sahil” and composed by the brilliant duo Atif Ali and Vicky Ani. Accompanying these mellifluous compositions are the voices of esteemed singers, including Ranjit Rajwada, Kabul Bukhari, Mehran Shah, Anju Panta, Rosemary, and Sunil Sood, adding an ethereal charm to this unique cinematic experience.

The plot revolves around a poignant love story, wherein the protagonist, Raj, faces a heartfelt dilemma. Abandoning his studies midway, Raj disappoints his family, except for his supportive sister-in-law, Geeta, who urges him to explore new paths through music. Enter Priya, who breathes new life into Raj’s quiet world and inspires him to become a renowned poet. Love blossoms between Raj and Priya, but their journey is complicated when Raj’s family pressures him to marry Shivani. Once again, Raj’s life stands at a crossroads, torn between tradition and true love. An interesting trivia with this film is that the film’s actors Vivek Anand Mishra and Kanchan Rajput fell in love during the shooting of the film and after the completion of the film, they got married at a family function in Jammu.Producer Ashok Sawhny “Sahil” shares that Lafzon Mein Pyaar beautifully captures the essence of love in today’s youth and magnificently showcases the incomparable beauty of Kashmir. Audiences can expect an unforgettable cinematic journey that rekindles the magic of old-world charm blended with contemporary emotions, all heightened by the mesmerizing performances of Zareena Wahab and Anita Raj.

Zareena Wahab, known for her nuanced portrayals, expresses her excitement about working alongside Anita Raj for the first time.Anita Raj stated that It is a coincidence that Zarina ji and I have never appeared together in a film before. Perhaps no filmmaker ever thought about it. This film introduces us to the new definition of love among today’s generation. It will be interesting to see how this new generation perceives relationships.

Emphasizing the film’s powerful impact, Zareena Wahab added that Lafzon Mein Pyaar shows a distance between today’s youth and us. It presents a different perspective on living life. It presents an intriguing story to the audience.

Anita Raj, a seasoned actress with an illustrious career, brings her unique charm and finesse to the character of Priya, complementing Zareena Wahab’s compelling portrayal. The synergy between these two brilliant actresses promises an unforgettable on-screen chemistry that will touch the hearts of audiences.

Prepare to be swept away by the magical world of Lafzon Mein Pyaar, as it releases in cinemas nationwide on 4th August. This cinematic masterpiece celebrates the evergreen spirit of love, the scenic grandeur of Kashmir, and the timeless performances of Zareena Wahab and Anita Raj, making it an unmissable cinematic experience for generations to come.

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