Meet Mumbai based Air-Hostess Rubina Shaikh turns Social Entrepreneur;Know about her here

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Rubina Shaikh with Ajay Kaul sir and Ekata Munch Team.

Meet Rubina Shaikh’, the ambitious Airline Crew who switched over as Social Entrepreneur

Brief Introduction of Rubina Shaikh :

After graduating in English Literature, Psychology and Sociology from Mithibhai College, Juhu, Mumbai, Rubina Shaikh embarked on her professional career in Aviation with Saudi Arabian Airlines as an Air-Hostess.
She enjoyed all the luxury by travelling all over the World and came across people from different walks of life, type of culture : It was a luxurious lovely journey seeing countries around the world which she enjoyed with a smile.She had an aspiration to help people and do much more.She quit her luxurious Airline job after serving for an year from 1990-2000.

With a love and quest to do much more to people and be of help for them she aspired transform herself as Social Entrepreneur.

In an exclusive interview with Hello Womeniya Rubina said, “ After this corporate life style of Aviation industry she thought she should do something for the society specially women empowerment because women considered a weaker section of the society. With this intention she was determined to start her career as a social Entrepreneur.
However, the most important thing is that this pandemic has left a great impact on her and and her life when she saw how the people came forward to support the pandemic impacted people amid the Covid-19 induced lockdown lockdown and how they distributed mask, santizers and ppe kits in the entire year. She observed all these scenario and this spirit which encouraged her.
Hence joined Ngo founded by Mr Ajay Kaul Eka

ta Munch which is doing fantastic job during this pandemic
She further said, she is very much impressed with Ajay sir as he is an educationst as well as a dedicated Social Activist always accessible for the people. He is a very kind hearted person and has a very soft corner for the needy and poor people adding that he always guided her and owes a debt of gratitude to him. She also expresses her sincere thanks to him for giving her such a good break. Infact, she affirmed that she started her Social Entrepreneur journey under his guidance.

Finally for Rubina’ it is her Vision, Mission and Objective to empower women entrepreneurs in every corner of the Nation and to promote education among women and all section of the society.

Rubina’s story in a nutshell:

Rubina said in the past 4 years she travelled to villages in Rajasthan close to Chambal Bihad Revines in search of her answer what leads a man or a woman to become dacoits.
Poor people with miserable life when suppressed extremely,is unbelievable for advanced countries as to what made them such paramount figures.
She sighted a poor peasant with a small piece of land, which could not afford him enough shelter and bread. He was tortured to an extent to convert into dacoits.
Wish we had a good governance who understood their plight, nightmare and misery and helped them at that time when they picked up their guns to move to the Ravines.

Touched with the misery, grief and stories of poor people turning into dangerous people changed her personality and incarnated into empowerment. She accumulated enough courage to March to Chambal and find the solution for the suppressed beings and convey the message to the right people.She travelled to the smallest village in the past four years ,met the villagers to find out if the dacoits were dangerous and deadly people,but she learnt they were innocent poor farmers deprived of every right.
Rubina even roamed in Bhindmuraina haven of dacoits and learnt about Dassu Sundri, then in Gatiya, Shivpuri, Dholpur, Sawaimadhopur.
It came to her light that they were not habitual criminals but were suppressed, tortured and left with no destiny.

Rubina further made it known to Hèllo Womeniya that Women empowerment does not make you jump into Chambal River and commit suicide. It is Circumstances that compels them to turn into dacoits

Adding further Rubina affirmed that in her love to meet people she met a very good Human Being an Angel, a real hero a Social Activist for the poor.
Ajay Kaul of Mohalla Committee who believes in Peace and Harmony formed Ekata Manch that does anything and everything for the poor. She started working with him as politicians never impressed her. She loved those who kicked politics and she was always fond of Mahatma Gandhi and khudaai khidmatgaar Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan.
She has penned a line for the country “Mera Desh Mahaan Sapnon Ka Wardaan”. Mera Hindustan.

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  • Being in a high profile job offered with freedom, international travel and many fantastic experiences. Rubina Shaikh was brave enough to think of ‘DASSU SUNDRI’ and their sorrows, struggle, helplessness that led them to misery. How would their life change? I believe their lives will have a remarkable change if people such as Rubina Shaikh step up and have the courage to do something for them.

  • Rubina Shaikh is strong lady with high vision. If she decide to work for women empowerment and social work towards downtrend women Upliftment she will do at her best. She has a capacity and inner strength to do this social work from the bottom of her heart towards women in need.
    My best wishes for her new assignment for social work for women not only in Mumbai but all over India

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