Mumbai Based Health Entrepreneur Dr. Usha Nair shared her Message on Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s day from Hello Womeniya Team!

In Honour of Mother’s  Day We, Hello Womeniya News Team took an Opportunity and talked to Mumbai based Health Entrepreneur Dr Usha Nair shared her her Message on Mother’s Day for Hello Womeniya viewers 

Brief Introduction Dr Usha Nair

About me:

Hi, I am Dr Usha Nair, a disease reversal expert from Mumbai. I am into the private Healthcare space for almost 3 decades now, since 1997. I am involved with expertise in niche segments of Healthcare which include Wellness genomics, Quantum Terra Hz light wave therapy, Holistic healing with various modalities and my most recent pride in learning and successfully practicing the Cranio Sacral Therapy.

I now offer a promise to help not only with long term achievement of health goals but also manage acute to chronic ailments better.

I am available through my website www.drushanair.com

Do go ahead fill up the health survey and I shall get back to you at the earliest.


Hello Womeniya: Share your Best Memories with your Mother during your childhood.

Dr Usha Nair: My best memories with my mother during my childhood more so translates to the memories with my grandmother. She loved me beyond expectations and was so much my cover up cum partner in crime. Everything I am today I OWE to her totally.


Be it trying to practice putting mehndi on hands or brining out a new dish, having read it in the magazine or a newspaper, turn into a delicacy only and only because of her whole hearted support. She never stopped me from doing whatever and always tried and tested everything that I prepared or did ever in her presence all the time.

She also went on to being a very good client and patient to every new therapy that I learnt and wanted to make a difference to her in her life so she stays healthy, happy, soulful and maybe I thought she would always be around. All the supplements, all the pain relief and alleviating creams, oils and ointments were all for her and she really really heartly appreciated everything always.

Yes, today whatever I am a good cook a fabulous caring therapist or just a loving human being ever so eager to help another; it’s all because of her today. Heartful gratitude to my grandmother and my mother for having brought me in this world and accepted me for who I am.

The same translated for my daughter by her grandmother, my mother. When i wasn’t around and was busy, she was there for my daughter even in the middle of the late evenings to go to the market to pick up a chart or a colour pencil though herself she was probably night blind and couldn’t see well yet had to keep my daughter compulsory company. She once fell while boarding a rickshaw to the market and totally kept mum so i wouldn’t know and yell at my daughter.

They both kept us, me and my daughter so cared for and over secured and protected from the fury of our parents in-turn.

Ever so grateful and I will always love you both forever.

Hello Womeniya:What’s your message on Mother’s Day

My message for Mother’s Day; well my dear ladies be very very proud of our mothers whoever or whatever they are or were in our lives. For without them we would not exist.

Always have deepest of gratitude, love and give all the care possible to them when they are around. That is the least we can provide to them by being present when they are in need and may never never aggressively demand or ask from us.

Keep a vigilant eye and a ear open for them for you never know now there are here and tomorrow they may be gone; making us regret later and ever gratefully indebted to them for being there yet never having acknowledged them, when they were there for us behind the scenes everytime, everywhere and anywhere that we needed them.

Find some time to connect, to meet, to make a call or just simply send a loving memory saying that thank you for being there for us and enabling US to be “I” as an individual in this world.

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