Meet Mumbai Based Social Entrepreneur Mrs.Purnima Shirishkar shares her Entrepreneurial journey with Hello Womeniya

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Over the last decade, Mumbai  has seen several positive changes within its society and one of the most exciting is the rise of women on the business scene. The years between 2002and 2012 saw a growth of 24% in the number of women who owned businesses – and these figures are not slowing down.

Women Social  entrepreneurs and business entrepreneurs  are leaving their mark on the world. By creating successful companies, they are contributing to the betterment of the economy. Female entrepreneurship is vital for our future. Collectively we can make a change by closing the gap between men and women in the workforce.
India  has produced a number of women entrepreneurs in Social field in the recent decades. They have ventured into various domains and widened their arena into many healthcare,  branding, Social services,  etc. Maharashtra  notably has the highest number of women entrepreneurs in India.

Hello Womeniya. Com  always has a very special corner for the women, and the news portals  is working towards the women-empowerment right from the inception. Hello Womeniya’s main objective is to promote women entrepreneurs and create their digital identity on  online platform.  The woman plays a very important role in our society, she is a housewife, a mother, a friend, a colleague for a long time, and now she also plays the role of businesswoman, entrepreneur and politician. Women have started spreading their wings and there is nothing that can stop them now.

In our entrepreneur series in this episode we are introducing you a very dynamic and and popular social and business  Entrepreneur of Mumbai  who firmly believes in Women Entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment  yes we are talking about Mrs Purnima Shirishkar  who is Mumbai based popular Entrepreneur  She shared her  Business Entrpreuner and Journey with Hello Womwniya .

Brief Introduction :

Is based in Mumbai, working as a Women Entrepreneur with the mission to achieve financial freedom and grow a professionally through network.
Purnima is a Highly Effective influencer in the field of women entrepreneurs personal development and startup business she is a certified trainer of stock market analysis in NSE or BSE and postgraduate or MA in Economics . Over 10 year experience in stock market training.

Her Entrepreneurial Journey :

*DAY2DAY PROFIT* related to learn stock market
*Entry Exit Profit*
*Business consulting for MSME -Startup*

*Zhep udyogininchi*
A platform for women entrepreneurs


*My Day2Day online store pvt ltd*
Home made authentic food manufacturing by Zhep women entrepreneurs
e-commerce website

*Dalan Maharashtrache*
This platform for Artists those manufacturing Maharashtrian Products

*Savitribai phule mahila vikas sanstha (NGO)*
For social activities in maharashtra
*I conducted1000+ Numbers of* *Financial Freedom Workshop specially for Women across Maharashtra state*

*Working for 4lack self-help group in Maharashtra state*
*10 thousands Anganwadi sevika in Maharashtra State
And more than 10k women entrepreneurs in India

Associate with
World Trade centre Mumbai ,Navi Mumbai, pune, Goa , Jaipur
Maharashtra Chembers
IMC Chembers
Dubai (UAE)Maharashtra mandal
Mauritius Marathi mandal federation
Singapore Maharashtra mandal
Australia Maharashtra mandal
Londan Maharashtra mandal

Associate with govt of Maharashtra
Skill Development of Maharastra

For more details visit my

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLNFuRbkVltYxiL2fLXK0w


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