“IMAGE IS A ILLUSION – it can make u or break u, use it wisely” : Sima

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Hello Womeniya: It Is said “We choose what we have faced”, does this have any life relationship with you?
Sima: Quite a Relationship, at 51 now, played multiple roles in my life span, where lots of hurdles I dealt with & today I proudly stand by this statement
as a soft skill trainer, I say, whatever we face in life, we got to face it smartly and wisely! Of course, everyone has their own strengths, ability, intellect etc. to deal with it. With the help of softs skills, one can brilliantly come out courageously & confidently, whether he chooses to face or has been chosen to.

Hello Womeniya : Why image appearance is soo important?
Sima: It takes only 3 secs to create the first impression. Whenever we step out of the house, & into the society, we get judged. Our appearance strongly influences other people’s perception of our: Personality /Values /Financial Success /Authority /Trustworthiness /Intelligence /Suitability for hire or promotion. Hence it is very important that u make your image & not let it break. It has become quite mandatory to refashion your looks, transform your personality and revolutionize your confidence. Fortunately, “IMAGE IS AN ILLUSION”, Can Style it by dressing-up as per the culture, society & occasion therefore elevating your impression to commute to the world confidently, as cloths also do speak, and create positive powerful impact. So, if u want to be judged as Capable / professional / successful / wealthy / intelligent. U need to manage your image right and If opinion of others matters for achievement of your goals then managing your image is essential. If not-go ahead and ignore it, very simple.


Hello Womeniya : Is it true that hurdles motivate u?
Sima: Yes.! If you handle them rightly.
Without hurdles there is no life, the essence of life is in dealing with these hurdles in a skill full manner with the help of soft skills. Just like,
for fire, we have water,
for dark there is light
for hurdlers in life we have soft skills.
If u believe that the difficulties you face in life, do not come to destroy you, instead they come to show u exactly what u are made of and just how strong u really are, your life gets smooth.

Hello Womeniya : I read somewhere you mentioned that “Your clothes should be tight enough to show you are a Woman and loose enough to show you are a Lady.” Please throw some light on this phrase.
Sima: Yes, by Marlyn Monroe. I just love this, I see this as, when you say “a Woman”, she’s God made, but “a Lady“, image consultant made, because being a lady is a matter of choice. A Lady is well groomed, perfect dressed, perfect poise & the message passed is: dignified, graceful, trustworthy etc. Her skills are sharpened & therefore setting an example. The word “lady”, is associated with Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. A perfect example of a lady in terms of image appearance. Perfect dress, perfect grooming, perfect poise etc. An icon. To make it more understandable; cloths is not what u ware, but how u ware.

Hello Womeniya : How are you different from your competitors?
Sima: Over the years, I have gathered quite bit of experience working in different fields and through those of my own.
It becomes easy to connect with my clients. The real-life experience also helps me to understand the clients’ life stage & provide them more practical solutions. Thus advising & make them implement the solution to the positive change, a part of their life.

Hello Womeniya : What is your suggestion for the Startup entrepreneurs to carry themselves keeping in mind that they are representing different domains?
Sima: Startup entrepreneurs have to work bit harder, need to work on their self-image, self-confidence, capability, and credibility, as they have to get their idea across to someone else to influence opinion or action for their success of their respected domains. Intelligence, knowledge, ability, initiative, and effort are vital to success of any kind and ongoing Image management can give the personal or professional presence that one needs, as Image management is not universal , each individual has their own authentic style , & the image they carry need to match their profession & life stage.
Personal presentation (communication skills and appearance) influences people’s behavior toward you, including:
Trusting you with information.
Hiring you or purchasing your product.
Complying with your request.
Giving you access to decision makers.
Paying you a certain salary or fee for contracted business.
These perceptions and behavior leave a persistent, long term impression among observers. Your image can have a significant impact on your happiness by affecting the development of personal relationships. It is therefore essential to be able to create a positive first impression, both on personal and professional fronts, by managing your image

Hello Womeniya :-How can one create an impactful first impression?
Sima: I, as an image consultant, work with the ABC of the science of first impressions to get a perfect combination of Appearance, Behavior and Communication that suits your lifestyle & budget… Where holistically transformation is done of an individual.

Hello Womeniya :-Who needs these services?
Sima: Most of the people can avail, who want to style up their quality of life,
It would be Working professional /HR heads /Mommy to be /Brides & grooms to be /Housewife /Club members /Social groups /Friends/relatives /Kitty parties /Cloth retails store /Business owners,
& Companies too can have the following benefits by creating a positive image:
Larger market share/Ability to charge a premium /Ability to pull through tough times /Greater attraction to Talent /Higher retention and productivity of people/Better and favorable media coverage/Higher returns for investors and. Resulting lower company expenditure.
If a company’s image is not as good as it could be, the company may lose out on all of these benefits.


Hello Womeniya ; Would u share one of your secret, u work with?
Sima:, Well, there is 3point I like to share, which I do with my clients,
16pieces of clothing = 256 possible unique combination.
Which is taking care of your 8month stock & pocket friendly
Timeless style = F(fit) x F(function) x F(fabric)
If your cloths in your wardrobe are FxFxF, its then a functional wardrobe
I work with 4As – Appropriate/Authentic/Attractive/Affordable.
Putting all these together, a powerful image is form.
Will Create Powerful First Impression to Get the Chance
Will Help You Perform When You Get That Chance.
Both Need To Happen Simultaneously, as the Ultimate Goal for Most People is to Become Successful, so if u need to know more & wish to have an image consultant, get in touch with me.
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