Mumbai Fashion Entrepreneur Heena Rahil, Founder, Virtual Academy for Fashion and Fine Arts, shares her motive for venturing into fashion designing business

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Mumbai: While speaking to Hello Mumbai News Team, Mrs.Heena Rahil Johari,
Founder of Virtual Academy for Fashion and Fine Arts(VAFF) makes it known that
the motive behind to venture into fashion studies and other vocational studies was to
encourage and promote women empowerment and to make them self-independent and
entrepreneurs. The academy will inspire them to set-up their own business or find job
and make a bright future.
Mrs.Johari is the Professor of fashion studies and a free-lance fashion designer over
since thirteen years. Amid this pandemic situation, when she noticed many women
foraying into their own business from home, be it cooking or designing work, and that
was the time she thought to help them by doing something and so she started an online
academy. She came up with the concept of online studies and shared her knowledge
she gained while travelling all over the world thereby studying and mastering various
Furthermore, due to the pandemic she noticed that people may not be able to afford
very high fee for fashion designing, makeup artistry or for other creative courses. She
realized that girls and women around the world might waste their year as shading fees
in lakhs for this education is not possible for everyone especially in this current scenario
of pandemic where people’s job and business are on standstill. She added that she
expects to reach those women who are in their homes and very creative minded
who prefer to learn and polish their skills but are not allowed to go out and study
fashion. She has students who are homemakers and mothers to little children. As they
were married at an early age and now with this platform are studying online from home
and pursuing their dreams at the same time having kids by their side.
Her academy is for all women irrespective of age group, with reasonable fee structure
and flexible class timings. If students reach out to her for paying their fee in installments
she has given them these facilities too. She even provides scholarships for deserving
Till now she has conducted various self-reliant workshops and diploma batches. She
conducts live session to teach students on how to make creative chocolate bouquets.
The session had followers in thousands from kids of 12 yrs till 50 yrs women. She has
trained 12,13 year aged girls who are doing complete party decoration. She loves to
share her knowledge and her creative ideas.
Notably, all the people connected to her, are self-independent and have already started
their business on Instagram. Her website www.vaff.in has testimonials of students.
Likewise, her academy that started amid this Covid-19 pandemic, communicates that it
is the right time to adapt virtual studies. Her slogan is “Modern Destination for Learning”.
She believes that the studies should not be compromised be it pandemic or fee
structure. Soon she may even commence the academy on campus after situation
Improves with the same fees structure and fecilities.
The only problem they face is people don’t understand the concept of online. They are
trying to create that awareness also. The digital world has come in India too and it
needs to be accepted.
She further added, that women are talented, they need proper exposure to the outer
world and a valid certification as without it people are not considered fit for a job. So she
registered the academy with I.S.O to make certificates valid worldwide.
Nowadays packaging is trending in the market, as everything is packed and gifted
properly. If a woman is trained for such a creative course she can do the same by
herself or take up a job in any showroom or could work or operate from home also. So
she started a diploma course and one day workshops in creative gift packaging.
She signifies that all the women entrepreneurs, to come together and share knowledge
in whatever field they are good at. Her other teammates are also very promising and
professionals in their fields. They have joined this Academy as it helps women
empowerment making them entrepreneurs.
A kind request to all the established women entrepreneurs to show up together and
share their knowledge, that would benefit other small growing businesses. If you are influential, have followers, and contacts please help them and promote unpaid.


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