Meet Mumbai based Artist (Painter) Sangeeta Babani, shares her professional journey with Hello Womeniya

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Artist (Painter) Sangeeta Babani Was raised in Spain – Imbibing Spanish Art and Culture during her growing years led her to the ultimate initiation into Indian Art as she settled in Mumbai after Marriage.

Sangeeta has come a long way since she first held a paint brush, a lover of colours and empty canvases, the beautiful lady has made the human figure her muse. She is one of the most celebrated Artist’s in the country and her exhibitions  are attended by the big – wigs of the society.

Sangeeta veers from figurative  to semi-abstract depiction, to abstraction as the mood takes her. There are no straight answers and that is the beauty of life, is her firm belief and this philosophy is celebrated in her canvases with an exuberance of colour and emotion.

She is very well known for her vibrant palette and has brought a unique dimension to Art by being amongst the first to use Cars as her canvas.

She was the first Artist selected by Tata Motors to transform the Nano into an iconic work of Art in 2012. Since then Babani has gone on to work with BMW’s and more recently JEEP.

Babani also showcased her versatility by taking Art outside the traditional gallery space, in 2016, she showcased an 18 feet Installation called The Lost Art at Palladium.

The accomplished Artist was awarded for her contemporary work in Paris (France) in 2017 apart from many awards in India

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