Meet Mumbai based Gold Medalist Homoeopathy Dr Mariya Aejaz who Shares her Professional journey on International Women’s Day

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Accept Happy Women’s Day from Hello Mumbai Team :

Each year, Hello Mumbai News takes the privilege to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th to propagate and recognize women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements through featuring stories on their successful journey in their field and to call for gender equality

This is with a goal to raise awareness about the need to end gender-based violence, promote women’s leadership, celebrate their contributions, promote entrepreneurs, startups and advocate for women’s economic empowerment around the World.

In Honour of International Women’s Day We, Hello Team took an Exclusive Interview of. Mumbai based Dr Mariya Aejaz who has completed her MD homoeopathy in pediatrics

We hope her story’ will inspire one and all.
So guys read on :

Hello Womeniya: Could you Introduce yourself for our readers:

Dr Mariya Aejaz, who has completed her MD homoeopathy in pediatrics.

A gold medalist not just once but thrice in the entire Maharashtra for her outstanding perfomance in field of homeopathy and medicine.

Hello Womeniya : What Inspired to become Doctor:

My mother was a very successful doctor and an ideal , a role model who inspired me the most.

Hello Womeniya Challenges have you faced as a Woman doctor and how did you overcome them:

I believe challenges are not gender based, they are personalised.
During the second wave of covid, my mother was infected too with it and unfortunately i lost her…. My studies were incomplete and my MD final exam ws at peak , i hd to manage home , my clinic , my mothers clinic , my ongoing studies along with the emotional loss .
This was the biggest challenge of my life which taught me big things.

Hello Womeniya us Something about your profession al journey.

A focused girl with positive minset is the main ingredient to my not just “proffesional”but a “successful proffesional“

Journey was a mixture of ups and downs but the goal was fixed that i had to achieve the gold medal for my heavenly mother once again.

Hello Womeniya :Where Does your Inspiration come from.

My mother inspired me the most. Right since childhood I could witness what i wish to be in future.

Hello Womeniya : Do you think doctor is best profession for Women and Why?

Being a doctor is indeed a blessing. Before you fill your pockets with money u recieve lots of respect and blessings( from a patient who was once in severe pain and now free ,,, from a mother and their relatives who recieved a new born , and the list is uncountable.
So indeed a great career option for females as well.


Hello Womeniya  :How you balance your professional and personal life .

Plan things, distribut time evenly for things on priority and Work over it.

Hello Womeniya ;What advice would you give to someone who are aspiring Women Entrepreneur

Before choosing anything for yourself and having faith in things …. Most important is one should STRONGLY believe in ownself …and then things work like magic!

Hello Womeniya : what Women Inspire you.

Hello Womeniya  :What’is your message on International Women’s Day:
Women of Every mind , every heart every colour every size
Should always be independent and keep the courage within themself to make the world a better place for ownself and others.

Hello Womeniya :Where our readers can find you and keep in touch with you.

My instagram handle :
dr_mariya_ ansari

:Hello Womeniya : your views on Current Medical System.
I strongly beleive in my pathy, Homeopathy has shown results being the most gentle , safest and ideal cure of diseases . I appeal the society to try homeopathy for illness and work on improving their lifestlyle.

A simple walk of 30 mins daily right from your teenage to old age can take care of your blood pressure, cholestrol, vit-d and anger issues.

Hello Womeniya : Achievement and Recognition during your career.pls share

A gold mdalist and overall rankers throught my college life life while studying medicine.

Awarded with 2 gold medals in 2017 final year after breaking the record all over Maharastra

Gold Medalist in 2022 – another break through in the entire Maharashtra amongst the studenta who pursued for post graduation in homeopathy

Multiple award winner and camps conductions at various school , colleges and rural areas and villages.

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