Meet Mrs. United Nations Earth Jasmine Rawat who shares her professional journey with Hello Womeniya

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As a Woman Entrepreneur in the present time, a woman is breaking through the traditional perspective of binding to the four walls of the home and move forward from the limited business regions.

Today Women Entrepreneurs have a link with new and emerging ideas, deals and demands.They are moving to various spheres of business dominated by men.

In our Entrepreneur series of Hello Womeniya. Com in this episode we are introducing you to a very dynamic and popular social Entrepreneur of USA who firmly believes in Social service and charity work yes we are talking about Jasmine Rawat who shares her professional journey with Hello Womeniya Chapter Head Sarika Mahesh Shah 

One such among Woman Entrepreneurs is Jasmine Rawat. Born and raised in the Middle Eastern region of Kurdistan, she moved to Australia with her family when she was a teenager. After completing her schooling she pursued for University qualifications in South Australia.

Jasmine holds  a degree in Master of Laws in (International Law & International Relations).and Bachelor of Government, Public Management. Advanced Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL). Diploma of Management and NAATI recognition.
Notably all her qualifications were accomplished in South Australia.
She is Mrs. United Nations Earth too

Jasmine Rawat honoured with Mrs. United Nations Earth.

Jasmine was into volunteer work and charitable organizations in South Australia. She has helped many different organizations and from many diverse cultural backgrounds.

Jasmine was honoured with an award by Rotary International and other Non-Profit organizations for her commitment towards her charitable activities.

From a tender age,.it was Jasmine’s cherished wish to participate in a Beauty Pageant. But it was otherwise willed by Almighty God. She had never had the opportunity until she came across the United Nations Beauty Pageant in 2019.
This Beauty Pageant is not just about beauty but also intelligence and a commitment towards charity. In addition, it is also open to married women which allows women of all backgrounds to participate.

Notably Jasmine had participated in the United Nations Beauty Pageant in India during 2019 under the title of Mrs. Kurdistan United Nations.
She won 2 titles for her dedication and work towards charity. After the beauty pageant Jasmine featured in a South Australian Magazine and a Kurdish TV channel for her accomplishments.

Notably Jasmine is married to an Airline Pilot, and they have a beautiful daughter.
In 2021 Jasmine moved to USA with her family and continues with her charity work via Rotary International and local Non-Profit Organizations in the United States.

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