Meet Kunjan Bhatt Solanki Dog Psychoanalyst & Behavior Consultant and Founder of Lucky Ducky

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Lucky Ducky is a brain child of Mrs. Kunjan, founder and proprietor of Lucky Ducky. She has 15 years of experience in dealing with pets. As a teenager she got the companionship with German shepherd and since there her passion for taking care of dogs and other pets ignite. She personally has worked with AHF as a volunteer for the welfare of stray animals for 3 years and taken all the basic training there. She believes to deal with any pet, especially dog, one needs to be enough sensible, emotional and know how to read their body language and that’s it.

Her behavior and psycho analysis of any dog is amazing, that helps her to train or rehab any dog without punishment, we calls it positive enforcement and command installation. As like humans, dogs are also very strong social animal, and each and every dog has its own characteristic and according to that they fit in to its own society. When they become a part of human’s family we humans have to understand his psychological status and deal accordingly. But most of the time we make mistakes in that and creates problem for them in the ways of anxiety, food aggression, possessiveness and many more psychological disorders.

And now Mrs. Kunjan is here under the banner of Lucky Ducky to help all those LUCKY PET and their Parent.

Her passion driven profession with very care taking staff ensures you all piece of your mind and happiness of your pet during their vacation period with us each and every time.

Dog Training Programs

We don’t train them, we help them to learn.We believe all the animals are smart enough to learn his/her own survival technic by themself, therefore we don’t train them, we help them to learn. Positive reinforcement training method is the best way with various motivation. We offer two types of training programs. 1. Puppy Training 2. Adult Dog Training We invite all our students at our training centre, keeps them under observation, train them with positive reinforcement. During these 30 days your dog learn almost all types of behavior and obediency training. We also provide dog training services at your home. For more details call


A painless life for your pet!

Most of the pets belong to Mumbai like metro suffering from lifestyle related deceases like Osteoarthritis, Hip Dysplasia and other joints and muscles related painful problems.

Right answer to eliminate those pains is the Hydro Therapy with Few exercises.

Therefore Lucky Ducky brings you the New Mumbai’s first Hydrotherapy Center exclusively for your beloved pets.

Lucky Ducky Canine Hydrotherapy Centre located at New Panvel, New Mumbai. We offer hydrotherapy-based rehabilitation to your pets experiencing discomfort or limitations following surgery, injury or age related disease.

We are the only centre in New Mumbai that is fully equipped with heated swimming pool and other dedicated physiotherapy equipments like Treadmill, Balancing disk and Gym Ball.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of care to our patients and their pet parents. Our hydrotherapists will create a customized exercise plan for your pet, which takes into account your goals, referring vet history and your pet’s individual circumstances.

Behaviour modification program

As like humans, every dog’s behavior conditioned by his/her psychology. And their psychological status depends on the environment he/she lives within. Most of the time it results in positive way but sometimes it may be negative, they start showing predatory or completely antisocial behavior. But almost all kind of negative behavior can be modify in positive way. Our expert dog psychotherapist help them with various methods. Time duration is vary case by case and condition of dog. For more details, Please call.

Thanks for showing interest in our services.

Bests regards,

Kunjan Bhatt Solanki
(Dog psychoanalyst & behavior consultant)

Mob: +91 98339 23832

e-mail id: [email protected]

web-site: www.luckyducky.in

Instagram : @luckyducky_kunjan

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/LuckyDuckyMumbai

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