UK Media Entrepreneur Mandeep Kaur Marwah joins hands with Hello Womeniya, shares her professional journey with Hello Womeniya. Com

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UK Creative presenter and writer Mandy to support Businessman Kamal Prabhakar on his journey at Hello Womeniya. Com ; the United Kingdom Chapter-shares her success story on managing multiple projects within the Media industry & how she’s building her platform on social media
An expert in Fintech Banking; the world of Lending & Collections with a heart set in Media that lead her to complete a BA (Hons) in Theatre & English Literature after teaching English to Children in the Middle East shares her success story while still in the making of her career that’s bursting with expertise in many fields. How does she do it all?

Someone once said to me that I was a Jack of many trades but yet to become a master of one.

In my mind I whispered…

‘How can I master one trade when I have the drive and ambition to master many?’

That same drive and ambition has brought me to this stage in my life where I sit in a world restricted by a pandemic and have opportunities before me that I know I have worked so hard for and I do believe that without my drive, personality and ambition I would not have made the connections that I have, which I am ever so grateful for.

Great minds think alike and talent attracts talent so why should we fail?

I never gave up, I simply decided that I was going to do what I desired because I knew my strength and never underestimated my power to fill a room with love, light & laughter which is what landed me my first radio gig at Lycaradio!

What did you do before radio?

I was previously working in Egypt as a teacher of English as a second language to foreign children at The Manchester International School in Cairo.

When this opportunity presented itself I was working as a manager at Harrods and I remember thinking I have to go and try this because working in retail had overtaken my life with the long hours and commuting so I agreed and I moved to Cairo for 3 years!

I had amazing experiences and upon my return I knew I wanted to teach so I took up a part time degree at Birkbeck University where I studied in the evenings after working at a bank during the day.

I fell into banking and I mastered it because it’s within my nature to do the best that I can and with that ambition I ended up moving to London after finding a new job.
They were advertising for a presenter. I always knew that I wanted to entertain people, be it with my voice, acting skills or presenting so I thought let me make a demo and send it…what did I have to lose right!?

Mandy applied and was offered the position.

Four weeks into the “Mandy show” which ran on weekends 10am-1pm Mandy was able to secure a fan/artist chat with renowned Punjabi music artist Jasmine Sandlas which can be seen on her Instagram!

Following this Mandy made connections across her social media platform with upcoming artists and promoted media to increase artist exposure.

Reviews & Published works:

Mandy has written numerous articles that have been published on culture and travel which can be found on the Culture Trip website link https://theculturetrip.com/authors/mandy-marwaha/

Mandy now reviews all things luxury ranging from locations, restaurants to products and promotes this on her Instagram @mandee_reviews

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