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Social Worker Deepika Masih Shares Her COVID 19 Experience With Hello Womeniya News Reporter Anisha Nandan

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Deepika Masih, resident of Noida is a Delhi NCR Socialite personality, editor, a reporter, event organizer and a professional model and is highly dedicated to help people.

She quoted, for 18 years she’s been working in NARI CHETNA SAMITI Ranchi, Jharkhand an Institute that was founded in the year 1981, owned by her Mother-In-Law. It’s an industry that owns NGOs for Education, Consultants, Child Labour, Children and Senior Citizens.

Amid this pandemic, she joined hands with Ambika Sharma, a resident of Faridabad, running a national organization, THE RASHTRIYA MAHILA JAGRITI MUNCH, which works for the interests of women in 17 states. Ambika Sharma is a founder and national chairperson of the organization. During this lockdown Deepika Masih even received various awards for her outstand contribution in social services and awareness against pandemic COVID 19 National Corona Warrior Award, Corona Minors Honor and Youth World (certificate of appreciation) issued by Youth world news and S. Manch.

Deepika Masih, who served 18 years of her life uplifting lives of people from teaching children to teaching women various stuffs like sewing etc. from the NGOs owned by her mother in law and conducting various events, providing food to the unprivileged, donating cloths etc. Corona Virus Lockdown is not a big deal that could stop her. She believes in “Seva Permo Dharma.”

In this difficult time of emergency Lockdown of the world wide Corona epidemic, when the entire country is going through a crisis, some people act as a first line Hero against the corona epidemic and one of them is Deepika Masih. Humanity is her religion, social service is her caste, nation and social upliftment is her goal, kindness and compassion is her jewelry; simplicity and civilization is her identity and has always given priority to her self-respect.

“Lockdown is a tough time with many obstacles on the way and the danger was always on top of it as I have Sugar but it wasn’t worth enough to stop me. I took every precaution to be safe.” said Deepika Masih.

During this pandemic Deepika Masih organized events in which she and her team spread awareness against Corona Virus, provided food to unprivileged etc. She said that, she had a good experience and was fortunate to witness it, lucky enough to be someone who could help people.

She also mentions that being a woman she is fortunate because she never experienced difficulties to manage both her social and personal life simultaneously. It is much easier in a way when you keep a cook and a housekeeper. It saves a lot of your time and energy.

In the end being a woman she wants to express one thing to other woman entrepreneur that their risk saves thousand other women and she is proud of them.

  • News Report By Anisha Nandan.

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