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President Lions Club Of Shivaji Park Dr Saroj Speaks Of Her Work Experience And Charity Amid Covid 19

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Lions Club is a reputed and an internationally recognized organization which has always risen to deserving causes in helping the poor and needy. Even precarious situations, they have worked unstintingly and tirelessly.

In her conversation with Hello Womeniya News reporter, Radhika Joshi Dr.Saroj said, in Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children’s isolation Ward required 200, 3D PPE masks. So they provided the same at the cost of Rs.20,000.

Amid the prevailing lockdown, and in difficult situations and to help the Daily Wage Earners, and the needy persons through the Hunger Project, the Club along with other Lions Clubs organized meal in Kalbadevi area. Also contributed Rs.10,000 for helping 200 persons.

Likewise, the Hunger project in the month of April distributed 140 food packets, with Bengal Club. In April they donated 10 spirometers for breathing exercises and tetra pack milk packets to children whose mothers were suffering from corona at NSCI (National Sports Club of India) Worli, at a cost of Rs.8,500. They Donated 250 PPE full suit for ICU staff at Jerbai Wadia Maternity Ward, costing of Rs. 2,00,000. Moreover, they also donated need-based 135 Enoxaparin (blood thinner) injections to NSCI COVID Hospital Worli, costing Rs. 25,000, as per request from C ward Medical Association.

Further, she said, “Covid-19 pandemic induced lockdown was more out of necessity than choice. I believe that had the lockdown not been imposed, we would have been in a far more critical situation.

Now, it is for the people to understand the seriousness of the pandemic and act responsibly.”

She further added “I would encourage all citizens to boost their immunity and especially to do breathing exercises to strengthen their lungs”.

Meanwhile she made it known that she will continue to remain as President for the 2nd term also.

  • News Reported By Radhika Joshi

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