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Saroj Agarwal District Environment Co -ordinator, Treasurer of Inner Wheel Club of Gorakhpur, Dist- 312 stepped forward to benefit covid-19 affected

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Women Social  entrepreneurs and business are leaving their mark on the world. By creating successful companies, they are contributing to the betterment of the economy. Female entrepreneurship is vital for our future. Collectively we can make a change by closing the gap between men and women in the workforce.
India   has produced a number of women entrepreneurs in Social field in the recent decades. They have ventured into various domains and widened their arena into many healthcare,  branding, Social services,  etc. Maharashtra  notably has the highest number of women entrepreneurs in India.

Hello Womeniya. Com  always has a very special corner for the women, and the news portals  is working towards the women-empowerment right from the inception. Hello Womeniya’s main objective is to promote women entrepreneurs and create their digital identity on  online platform.  The woman plays a very important role in our society, she is a housewife, a mother, a friend, a colleague for a long time, and now she also plays the role of businesswoman, entrepreneur and politician. Women have started spreading their wings and there is nothing that can stop them now.

In our Inner wheel Social entrepreneur series in this episode we are introducing you a very dynamic and and popular social Entrepreneur of Inner wheel who firmly believes in Social service and charity work yes we are talking about Saroj Agrawal  who is current District Co ordinator for Environment Dis 312. .She shared her Pandemic Projects  details  with Hello Womeniya Correspondent Radhika Joshi  Sawant.

Brief Introduction of IWC:

International Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s service voluntary organisations in the world and is active in more than 104 countries
International Inner Wheel has three key objectives:

To Promote True Friendship
To Encourage the Ideals of Personal Service
To Foster International Understanding
Any woman who shares the three central aims of the International Inner Wheel can join the organisation. This Organisation had a strong presence in India having more than three Thousand Clubs in every District.

Mumbai: Inner Wheel Clubs have been conducting numerous projects and courtesies to strengthen the structure of society, they are continuously reaching along to attain their accountability. And this club is striving its promising work to give several services even in this pandemic dilemma

She is District 312 Coordinator of Environment and Inner Wheel of Gorakhpur’s Treasurer for the year 2020-21
And she was Inner Wheel of Gorakhpur Past-President in the year 2018-19

From 3rd May to 17th May, During this pandemic and lockdown, this club made 15 days of Food Service To The Needy its main objective. For fulfillment of this purpose, the Innerwheel Club tried to help people from all sides. People suffering from Covid-19 were having a lot of trouble due to not getting nutritious food. The Innerwheel Club came forward and provided nutritious food to the people Isolated at home and to the admitted people in the hospital. Food was sent to nearly 1500 patients so the people felt a lot of satisfaction and happiness and this club got their blessings.

ZONE-3,on 8 May 2021,Time-4:00 pm
at Star Hospital Project- Fight against Covid, Help Humanity
Donated 3 battery-operated sanitizer machines and 3 hand-operated sanitizer machines in some wards of the city by volunteer groups so that they can protect themselves and the people around them. Volunteers try to save the Covid patient by working hard day and night. For their safety and the safety of the people around them, the Innerwheel Club came forward and donated the Sanitizer machine. Expenditure – 10200
Beneficiaries – many

BHOJAN SEVA:- On 14th May and 16th May 2021
During the hard times of this pandemic, the club gave Ration Ata, Rice, pulses Oil, Salt to the Medical College for poor people, under the running project PAHAl SERVICE. Due to the pandemic and lockdown, the poor working class who have no work and has become unemployed. They are unable to arrange adequate ration for their family. This Innerwheel Club came forward to help them and provided them with adequate ration i.e Ata, Rice, Pulses, Oil, Sugar, Salt vegetables, biscuits. It reflected a sense of happiness on their face.

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