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Meet Sipra Chakrabarti, District Chairman of Inner Wheel District 306 she shared Service Projects

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Brief Introduction of Sipra Chakrabarti


NNER WHEEL DISTRICT- 306 [2022-23] Sipra Chakrabarti, District Chairman of Inner Wheel District 306, is a passionate educationist of more than four decades, a consummate painter, a gifted singer and an ardent social worker. She joined Inner Wheel Club of Anand, Gujarat in the Year 2004. After that there was no looking back. She served her club and District in various capacities and brought laurels. As District ISO, her Pink Auto Rickshaw Project for womenempowerment was highly praised even in IIW forum. For her, work is worship and she strongly believes in giving back to society. As Chairman, she has always led by example inspiring Inner Wheel Club Presidents and members to do their best. By her daring, caring and sharing she has impacted the lives of almost 70,000 underprivileged and downtrodden women & children during her tenure


Atmanirbhar Project- It is an ongoing project of IWC Bhavnagar for last 3 years. Divyang men, women and children were gifted prosthetic hands, Myo electric hands, prosthetic legs, battery operated tricycle, Calipers, clutches, Wheel chairs, Carbon legs, Sports Wheel chairs and artificial fingers. This year no. of beneficiaries are 250 and total expenses were Rs. 54, 54,600/
Vaccination – All 3 doses of Gardasil vaccination for protection against Cervical Cancer given to 30 young girls by IWC Ankleshwar. This was a pioneering project in the country. Total expenditure was Rs. 3, 15,000/


Sagar –Khedu- Inner Wheel Suraksha Yojana- Vanakbara is a small fishermen’s village 15 km. from Diu with a population of 10,000 people. As she opened a new Inner Wheel club there for the 1st time, she came in direct contact of the local people. DC Sipra Chakrabarti announced a scheme – Sagar – Khedu- Inner Wheel Suraksha Yojana which will ensure that the fishermen are not in dyer state when the need arises. Generally they have no safety net at present and in the case of a mishap the family is left to fend for itself. DC kick started the program with a small token amount and on the first day itself Rs. 56,000/ was collected. Such type of scheme is being implemented for the first time for fishermen.

Grey water Management project – The water used by 650 school students in a Govt. school for hand washing, cleaning vegetables & utensils are collected through pipeline and stored in underground porous tank to recharge the ground water table and some portion is sent to garden for gardening purpose. This Inner Wheel project of IWC Umbergaon helped them to reuse nearly 5000 litres of water. Total expenditure – Rs. 12,800/

Gift of Milk – In Govt. school 300 students are getting gift of Amul milk pouch for 1 year on daily basis to provide nutrition supplement to them. It is a signature project of IWC Anand. Total expenditure Rs. 13, 14,000/

No Plastic Mission – Waste plastics are collected by Inner Wheel Members from door to door and sent for recycling. Plastic waste is reused to make tiles, bricks and school benches. They are spreading awareness campaign against the use of plastic and involved the school students too in this mission.

Positive Health Care for all – Mega Medical Camp was held for total body check up for senior citizens, Mammography, Pep-smear, diabetes check up (RBC), Calcium Test (D3) , E.C.G. for club members and outsiders in a very nominal rate and free of cost. Dental check up, complete blood test (CBC) and eye check up are done for school students. Thalassemia tests are conducted in collages and reports were discussed with parents. Inner Wheel club members adopted TB patients and provided them nutrition powder and ration kits for the whole year. Their efforts towards TB Mukt Bharat were appreciated by Government officials.

Women Empowerment – Inner Wheel members of Halvad Club visit inhospitable salt pits of Little Rann of Katch on weekends and help Agharia women and children by donating food, medicines, clothes, ration kits and their bare necessities. For women empowerment, Exhibition cum sale ‘Asmita’, ‘Utsav Fair’ is ongoing projects of IWC Dhule and IWC Baroda. They provide a platform to women entrepreneurs to display and sell their products. Seminars were held on ‘Women Legal Rights’, ‘Government Schemes for Women ‘, ‘Cyber Security & Cyber Hygiene, and ‘Anxiety Management in the family’.


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