Bollywood female Producer Deepshikha Deshmukh shows how waking up at 5 am, changed her life completely

Deepshikha Deshmukh
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Getting up before the sun has many perks. While plethora of researches have proven that waking up early gives one ample time to prepare for the day and kickstart it with Godspeed. However, our media industry is full of people who end up working till late in the night and prefer to start the day late ending up working till the wee hours.

While this might be the norm in the dynamic film and entertainment industry, there is one such producer and entrepreneur who is a far departure from the norm and is setting new gold standards. One of the youngest female producers of Bollywood, Deepshikha Deshmukh, took to her gram to share how she is changing her morning schedule and waking up at before the sun rises, at 5 AM to get a head start, and take time out for personal growth and helps her strategically plan and finishing up more work to be available for her kids when they get home and spend time with her family as well.

Like many women out there, she also juggles between work and family. Everyone who has worked and been in touch with her talks about her bright , brilliant ideas truly a visionary and a lot like the father . She is super shy and we rarely know much about her except for what and when she puts things out on the Gram.

She is spearheading one of India’s biggest production house- Pooja Entertainment along with her entrepreneurial venture, an organic skin care range, does immense work to empower rural children and women and takes out all the time to spend and be there for her family and children.
While many consider women like her a SUPER-WOMAN, she shares that it is this secret of waking up with the sun that ensures productivity through the day. She shares five essential benefits- increases productivity, uninterrupted time to focus on planning, enhanced mental clarity, calmness and tranquility, time for self-improvement and growth and elaborates on how it can be achieved.

The young producer has her plate full with some of the biggest upcoming Bollywood films. Ganapath Part 1, Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan, Capsule Gill which are all set to release in the coming one year.

Deepshikha surely is a versatile, multi-tasker and am inspiration to many women!

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