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Dr Sandhya Bhat, Chairman of safe and unsafe touch, shares her navratri festival experience with Hello Womaniya.

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Introduce yourself:

I am an Anesthesiologist and Social Worker working for International Inner Wheel Organisation.

Are You an Entrepreneur or a Startup?:
I am a Social Entrepreneur and presently I am Chairman of safe and unsafe touch (Innerwheel).

3. How do you celebrate Navratri festival:
I celebrate with family and friends at home and in community celebration.

4. What is the importance or significance of Navratri festival for you:
It emphasises to me the importance and greatness of Shakti Woman power. Multi tasking woman who has special powers shared by all Gods to kill negativity and wrong doings

5: What message you wish to convey on Navratri:
I would like that all enjoy festivals in harmony and peace. The spirit of festival should be to share joy beyond religion.

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