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Rita Corporator C Ward 222 Appeals To Mahanagar Pallika To Grant Permit For WC

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The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted economic activity all over the world and has extensively disrupted the precious lives of people leaving no option for them but to stay home, stay safe and lead a healthy life.

Hello Mumbai News Reporter Ashmita Chhabria took the opportunity to rope in Mrs.Rita Makwana, Corporator, C-Ward 222, Colaba, South Mumbai for a telephonic interaction amid the grim situation. While responding, she quoted that “BMC has taken charge of the monsoon activities now and are into cleaning of gutters and drains everywhere. All the water logging areas and the chambers are in the process of being cleaned up. They have also scheduled tree cutting and also taking into consideration the health care. All the localities where the breed of dengue and malaria mosquitos are detected are being disinfected. Normally we are sanitizing all the areas due to the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. But with monsoon having almost set in, Special care is taken of.

She claimed that right from day one, she purchased sanitizing machines and started sanitization on regular basis and are also providing ARSENIC ALBUM-30 to people. All the Police Stations have been sanitized sanitizers provided to all the officials.

She added “We have many labourers staying herein. Minimum 1000 food kits have been donated to them. I have a Jain Trust in my ward and daily for 68 days supplied 2000 food tiffins in the morning & evening. Tiffin comprised a dal, rice, roti, and sabzi.

When she was quizzed about satisfaction derived from the performance of government she quoted, “Am not satisfied with the performance of government. If government would have taken care of right from the beginning, the number of cases would have not spiked so high. But we as Corporators are trying our level best to ensure that people do not step out without any reason. At this point of time C-Ward is at second lowest position in respect to number of cases.

“In my opinion unlock is a neutral decision. How long will people stay locked up in their house? If middle class people do not earn, how will they run the kitchen and take care of the familt members and siblings? Government has taken all precautionary measures amid Unlock 1&2. So their decision regarding unlock is not wrong.”

When asked about unlock affecting number of cases, she replied, “In C-Ward there are 919 cases, 635 recovered and 67 deaths. Unlock has affected number of cases specifically in the Koli area. Number has taken a jump. BMC has created the situation and they are answerable.

  • News Reported By Ashmita Chhabria.

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