Meet Travel Entrepreneur Irshad Patel who shares her professional journey and Success Story with Hello Womeniya

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Hello Womeniya  Entrepreneur News Desk :

Women Social entrepreneurs and business entrepreneurs are leaving their mark on the world. By creating successful companies, they are contributing to the betterment of the economy. Female entrepreneurship is vital for our future. Collectively we can make a change by closing the gap between men and women in the workforce.
India has produced several women entrepreneurs in the Social field in recent decades. They have ventured into various domains and widened their arena into many healthcare, branding, Social services, etc. Maharashtra notably has the highest number of women entrepreneurs in India.

Hello Womeniya. Com always has a very special corner for the women, and the news portals are working towards women-empowerment right from the inception. Hello, Womeniya’s main objective is to promote women entrepreneurs and create their digital identity on the online platform. The woman plays a very important role in our society, she is a housewife, a mother, a friend, a colleague for a long time, and now she also plays the role of businesswoman, entrepreneur, and politician. Women have started spreading their wings and there is nothing that can stop them now.








In our entrepreneur series in this episode, we are introducing you to a very dynamic and popular Travel Entrepreneur of India  who firmly believes in Women Empowerment and very active in Tourism Industry she is highly respectable face of Tourism iand Travel Industry in our Country . Yes, we we taking about Irshad Patel who is currently Leo of Maharashtra Chapter ( ADTOI).  she shares her professional journey  with Hello Womeniya .

Introduction of IRSHAD PATEL :

LEO of region: Maharashtra Chapter
Irshad Patel has colossal experience in the travel Industry since the last 44 years. She begun her career in 1976 with Travel Corporation India Pvt Ltd (TCI) which is a pioneer in the travel and tourism industry and went on to work with them for 30 years and thereon for 2 years for Thomas Cook India Ltd after the acquisition. Irshad has excelled in her journey handling travel, tours, cruises and Mice divisions in the organization where she joined as Executive and moved out as Associated Vice President.






Irshad Patel joined Creative Tours and Travels as Head of Sales and Marketing and handles business pan India. It’s a 42 years old DMC and b2b suppliers for Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu and also consolidator for most Airlines with 18 offices pan India.
Experience as a Lady Entrepreneur :
“I am blessed to be a women and have all the patience to work in difficult situations. Time has taught me everything and has given me confidence to handle any difficult situation in life. My passion and my hard work has always been appreciated and acknowledged in the Travel Industry.
I started my own company Discover Destinations Tours and Travels. Its a DMC where we handle all travel arrangements for niche clients and doing extremely well. I am also a advisor to few hoteliers.
I enjoy my work passionately and like to share my vast experience and knowledge around.”
Vision as a LEO :
In 2020 ADTOI has appointed me as LEO for Maharashtra. The main focus or role being a LEO is to get more and more women Enterpreneurs on board. I have successfully got many women entrepreneurs in the Maharashtra Chapter. My aim and dream is to motivate encourage and bring forward maximum women power make them successful in the travel Industry as well as in ADTOI.”

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