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Meet Smita Maharishi president Inner wheel club of Kosamba, Comes forward to support pandemic affected people amid Lockdown

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In our Inner wheel Social entrepreneur series in this episode we are introducing you a very dynamic and and popular social Entrepreneur of small town Kosmba which is located very near by Surat. Yes we are taking about Smita Maharishi who firmly believes in Social service and charity work.

Smita Maharishi, a Naturopath by profession has been an active  member of Inner Wheel Club of Kosamba for 12 years. She was elected as the President of Inner Wheel Club of Kosamba three times and was the founding Treasurer of the Club. She has been a recipient of most Active President award in 2018-19.

She resides in a very small town of Kosamba with the population of 50,000 and is the current President of Inner Wheel of Kosamba
Smita believes in helping the people in need in her town. Although she started this year with the ongoing pandemic, she kept working with her team with commitment towards the people of the town.
Smita with her Inner Wheel team provided grocery kits to needy people who lost their jobs due to lockdown. She distributed and donated Sanitizer Dispensers and masks in police stations, urban health center sand Nagar Palika office. She diligently looked at schools that needed help during the lockdown and donated Sanitizer Dispensers and masks to the teachers of those schools.

Charity project details during pandemic :

She distributed blankets to the construction site laborers. Apart from that, used clothes were collected and distributed to the sugarcane cutting labour around Kosamba and other smaller towns. On the occasion of Utarayana, kites and snacks like chikki and laddu were distributed to kids and families in the slum areas that were badly affected by the pandemic. A hand wash station was installed in the Dawji school in Kosamba under her supervision post pandemic.
Hand-made masks were also distributed to the vegetable vendors around Kosamba.
Frontline workers like Doctors, nurses and hospital staff were felicitated by her team for their work during the pandemic.

About IWC District 306:

Inner wheel District 306 one of the most important IW District which covers big cities and Districts of Gujarat such as Surat, Rajkot, Vapi, Navsari, Ankleshwar, Umergaon and Dhule District of Maharashtra.

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