Meet Dr. Rekha Desai, is an Renowned Bharatnatyam Dance Guru,Shares her Professional journey with Hello Womeniya

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Dr. Rekha Desai honoured with Doctorate Degree by  Vinod Tawde  Minister of Education and Child Welfare Mumbai in the presence of BK Divya Ben,BK Ranjan Ben from Brahmakumaris Centre and the Trustees of kalakruti Dance Academy.

News Input by Ruchika Sawant :

Dr Rekha Desai, is an  Renowned  Bharatnatyam Dance Guru. She established her Kalakruti Dance Academy in 1985 at South India, Chennai and moved to Mumbai in 1991.
Her Vision is to promote this art form world wide.
She says, Dance is an “”Anant Yatra””
An never ending Journey. She was honoured with Doctorate Degree and Nritya Shiromani in the year 2017, for her contribution in the field of Dance and representing India around the globe.

She has brought a vital difference in uplifting the young girls and the ladies through the medium is Dance.

She has a unique way of imbibing the values of our culture into the youngsters mind and making them more physically and mentally stable and strong.

She completed her masters in commerce, Hindi and Dance in 1989 at Chennai And took the challenge to make a difference in the society through her knowledge and zeal to empower women.

Today she is a Coach and known as invinciblelifecoach, Speaker, Blog writer and a psycho therapist.

She was past vice President of Human Rights for women and child Development for the year 2018-2019 in Mumbai.

She and her Kalakruti Dance Academy is a member of International Dance councille, UNESCO , Paris.
And her Academy is ISO registered.After traveling world wide, performing and giving stage to all her disciples she has conducted workshops, seminars and interacted with more than one lakh of people around the globe.
She is today connected with more than 15 organisations to name a few Iskcon, Brahmakumaris, Bharat Vikas Parishad, Pragati Mitra Mandal, Lions club International, Art of Living Organsiation, Shirdi Sai Sansthan and many more.

She has curated many new Dance Ballets, on contemporary topics and on our traditional mythology topics.
My daughter/disciple Siddhi Desai is the Artistic Director of kalakruti Dance Academy and under her there is a group of artists working day and night for the upliftment of women and child development not only through Dance but other soft Skills too.
We have Kalakruti Cultural Centre an NGO working towards our Vision.

Today my disciples are independent and running our franchises globally.
I am very happy to see all youngsters and ladies living in their own and getting more strong.

Dr Rekha Desai believes that “”””there is only one destiny, the destiny you design for yourself”

During this Corona time, Dr Rekha Desai came with two days free workshops which was well appreciated and very successful globally for the Ladies known as”””KALASHKATI””””.

Kalakruti Dance Academy offers not only Bharatnatyam training, but also many more self help programs.

Get stronger and make others stronger This is the only way to empower our country and our people. ??


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  • Dr. Rekha ji can’t believe u r a dancer too, wonderful achievement, feeling v proud to b your friend.
    Pls keep me sending some videos too

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