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Meet Dr. Anita Patel President IWC Cambay Dis 306, shares her experienc about lockdown charity projects with Hello Womeniya

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News Input by Janvi Panjwani :

In our Inner wheel Social entrepreneur series in this episode we are introducing you a very dynamic and and popular face of IWC District 306 Gujrat who firmly believes in Social service and charity work yes we are taking about Dr. Anita Patel who shared her realistic experience of pandemic and Lockdown .

Who is Dr. Anita Patel :

Brief Introduction of Dr. Anita Patel:-

Dr. Anita Patel  is President of IWC Cambay  2020-2021 of district 306 at ” Inner wheel club”.

Dr.Anita Patel is serving as an associate Professor at Shree R.O. Arts, Shree K.B Commerce and Smt B.C.J Science College at Khambhat. She is head of the department in faculty of Home Science and have 28 year’s vast experience in teaching.

Anita Patel, while mentioning her detail charity projects said that, “, The current pandemic is that the world is facing makes us say , oh my god- oh my god now it’s too much, “God please save us”, this is perhaps the most difficult time we have ever seen faced in our lives. And it’s the whole human fraternity facing this pandemic right from the front line warrior’s say, Doctors, nurses, hospital staff ,bank staff , Police force , Army at the border and of course Senior Citizens and even children , So now it’s high time we need to pay our gratitude to each and every person every day for providing their services for the noble cause.”

Dr. Anita Patel, Khambhat, Gujrat shares her covid-19 experience and challenges faced by her during this lockdown with Hello Womeniya News.

Picture of Service project.

Charity project picture.

Group picture of IWC Cambay Team.

Tree Plantation project picture.

IWC Combay Team Members picture with IIW President Bina Vyas.

Dr. Anita Patel Conveyed that  “I believe in God and I am self motivated person, always ready to serve man kind, Humanity is my religion.”

When Hello Womeniya News Correspondent asked what challenges she faced during the lockdown Dr.Anita Patel said, ” Apart from new experience of learning online, teaching and college chores, I kept on serving to the needy at various hospitals distributing masks, sanitizers, food packets, and delivering awareness talks regarding Covid-19, it was real tough time going out and reaching the needy, but it’s like once we decide to serve mankind, no body can stop us.

Dr.Anita Patel further added, “Challenges were many, managing family members infected with corona , their needs and requirements ,time management with regular online lectures and preparing students for online tests, reaching for the projects of Health and Hygiene and many more.”

Dr. Anita Patel conveyed thr charity projects by saying, “We the inner wheel club of Cambay-306 are happy to announce the number of projects done in the year 2020-2021.

Under the health and hygiene projects 11 projects were done including awareness lectures and total number of beneficiaries were 300 plus , same way for senior citizens, total 4 projects were done from which 72 senior citizens benefited under Education/ Vocational training for orphans, three programs were organiszed from which ten students were benefited , two program’s of patriotism , four projects of water conservation, three programs of E-plastic waste manager and program of alternative energy resources were confirmed from which three hundred people were getting benefited , finally inner wheel forest rural- urban four projects were conducted in which about four hundred and sixty persons were benefited, thirty one projects were undertaken by IWC of Cambay under various hoben heads from which approximately one thousand two hundred and fifty persons were benefited.”

Dr. Anita by addressing the people with her kind message said that, ” HUMANITY SHOULD BE OUR RACE, LOVE SHOULD BE OUR RELIGION.”
Give yourself a break
Give yourself a credit
Give yourself time
Give yourself attention
Give yourself love
Give yourself power
Give yourself you,
Stay home, Stay safe snd don’t forget to pay gratitude to one and all”.

Brief Introduction of Inner Wheel Club:-
International Inner Wheel Club is an international women’s organisation to create friendship, service and understanding. It has clubs in over 100 countries with over 100,000 members.IWC has very strong presence in India. It has more than 3000 thousands clubs in Urban and rural India. Since the Covid 19 Pendamic breaks out Inner wheel club launched charity campaign worldwide.

Notably, Inner wheel club is an active and vibrant organisation that aids the poor and needy people even in nature’s calamity.

About IWC District 306:

Inner wheel District 306 one of the most important IW District which covers big cities and Districts of Gujarat such as Surat, Rajkot, Vapi, Navsari, Ankleshwar, Umergaon and Dhule District of Maharashtra.

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  • The award reached the right person, Dr.Anita Patel… Congratulations! I have known Dr.Patel only for a decade and within this short time, I have come to realise that here is one person whose perseverance to love and serve humanity has no bounds, despite all the challenges she is facing. it’s wonderful human beings like Dr.Anita Patel who gives us hope in these desparate times…Wishing her good health.

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