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Meet Payal Bansal Jalgaon Based Creative Lippan Artist and Founder of Lippan Art Studio who shares her Entrepreneurial Journey

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In our famous Artist Entrepreneur series we are introducing you a very passionate, intelligent and creative Jalgaon based Lippan Artist Entrepreneur who doesn’t need any kind of introduction. Yes we are talking about Payal Bansal, Founder of Lippan Art Studio, Jalgaon

Startup Name: Lippan Art Studio

Founder: Payal Bansal

Famous As: Lippan Artist

Startup Headquarter: Jalgaon (MH)

How to find her:

Instagram: – lippan_art_studio_payalbansal

Brief  Introduction of Payal Bansal,

Art is not a thing but a way of life!! I also believe in the same!! Art adds aesthetic taste and elegance in our life style. It adds happiness and positivity too.

Since childhood I had knack in various creative activities like painting, mural art, clay work etc. As time flew, artist inside me flourished. It was my cherished dream to be recognized as an artist. Few months back, idea of creating Lippan art struck me when during Diwali I came across few beautiful Lippan art pieces. That was the moment of inception for Lippan Art Studio!!!

Product description: –

* Mud and Mirror Work (also known as Lipan Kaam) is a traditional mural craft of Kutch, Gujarat, India. ‘Lippan’ means to apply.

* It is handcrafted on designer wooden pieces using clay, paint and mirrors etc.

* Lippan Art is quite useful for gifting, adds beauty and elegance to interior and exterior walls of home, offices etc.

* It can also be used at the background of home temple and as Rangoli during festivals.

* Mud mirror work is nowadays gathering attention of the people for its intricate pattern and aesthetic perfection and has made a full transition from its unknown modest stature to the mainstream art world.

Start of Journey: –

Soon my product range expanded to wheel, lotus, leaves, rose etc. I also designed and created name plates, torans, door hangings!! I have successfully created and delivered big wall art pieces having area of more than 20 square feet. The six month long journey of Lippan Art Studio was not only tough but also has been fun and full of excitement. Initially I experimented with various raw materials and learnt from failures. I constantly improvised my methods to arrive at a final process flow of creating fine quality lippan piece.

I initially started this art with white color as a base and in standard shapes. But, my clients demanded colorful designs and customized shapes. I took it as a challenge.  Later on, our product range expanded to colorful designs and customized shapes of wheel, lotus, leaves, rose etc. I have also exhibited creativity in name plates, torans, door hangings among others!! We have successfully created and delivered big wall art pieces having area of more than 20 square feet.

Present: –

Lippan Art Studio is a one stop shop for all types of Lippan products!! I have more than 15 product varieties which include Wall Hangings, Name plates, Rangoli, Toran, Mandana designs, Shubh Labh,etc. Customized orders are also accepted and art pieces are made as per customer’s selection of design, shape and colors. Our art pieces are reasonably priced, high in quality and are durable.

We have successfully shipped products to clients spanning more than 12 states in India as well as to Dubai, USA, Canada etc. Thanks to Instagram as it has helped me tremendously in reaching out to much larger client base!! My Insta handle is lippan_art_studio_payalbansal where I proudly boast follower base of more than 16K!! Her entire range of products are available here to explore and order…

Future plans: –

There are total 3 verticals of my business. Orders made as per customer’s requirements (which I am doing now). The other two are Exhibitions and Online Workshops. In coming months, I plan to start these 2 verticals as well. Also, I am in final stages of collaboration with Craft Becho which is an online art selling portal. They are in the process of launching their website in this month itself. So, soon my products would be available on their site. I am also in talks with Global Sales arm of Amazon. They are interested in my products for sales in middle east and Europe region.

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