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Gujarat based Social Entrepreneur Vaishali Vaishnav joins Hello Womeniya as Western India Chapter-1 Head

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Vaishali Vaishnav expresses gratitude for getting an opportunity to be associated with ‘Hello Womeniya” .

During our recent interview with Vaishali Vaishnav she shared her deep gratitude in being selected a new member to our team. She states, “I am very much thankful to Aleem Shaikh and entire Hello Womeniya Team. This opportunity speaks volumes especially coming from the founder and editor in chief of Hello Womaniya! Any chance to serve women is a tremendous gift’. She speaks further on the fact that one of her prime purposes to be associated with Hello Womeniya through eradicating socio-economic issues in Indian countries that affects women, furthermore she expresses that it will be her mission to promote Women Entrepreneurship and promote Economic Women Empowerment globally. She firmly believes in gender equality and empowering women through training, financial boosting, and socio-economic liberation thus creating more platforms for creating more women global icons and leaders.

“I will also ensure that we make ‘Hello Womeniya’ a course truly devoted to Women Entrepreneurs and creators of global Icons.”

Brief Introduction of Vaishali Vaishnav:

The Founder of Multitasking Mommies & India ka Fashion, Vaishali Vaishnav is an ardent entrepreneur, an influential socialite, a relationship-driven, compassionate and strong woman, who carries over 13 years of experience in the diverse industry segments such as Textiles, Manufacturing, Aviation and BFSI. Vaishali embarked on her entrepreneurial voyage right after she got her degree in Fashion Designing in the early 2000s. In her foremost engagement with a Gujarat-based NGO, she made her significant contributions in the upliftment and empowerment of local weavers in Kutch. Her love for her culture became evident in her every undertaking and drove her to pursue her passion to promote the local culture and talent, to take it to the world. And soon, leveraging on her creative skills and domain knowledge, she began designing her own line of fashion accessories with the help of local craftsmen. Today, that pursuit has shaped into an enterprising venture – India Ka Fashion, that brings the beautiful handcrafted fashion to every fashionista around the world. Being an enterprising woman, Vaishali has been incessant in her endeavors and always kept herself abreast of evolving digital technologies, capitalizing on the power of social media to boost the visibility of her brand. She did not limit this success to herself, but later, went on to help hundreds of other companies and individuals promote their brands on social media to increase their online visibility. Her digital media proficiency was well-recognized, and she was invited by many educational institutions to share her expertise with the youth. As a special guest in a ‘Project -Handmade in India’ held at EDII, she enriched her participants on ‘How to leverage Digital Platform to increase Your Reach and Visibility’.

Besides being enthusiastic and enterprising woman, Vaishali is a wonderful mother who believes in inculcating the values of compassion, respect, love, and discipline in her children. She believes that it is important for every woman to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives and one cannot sideline either of the two. Comprehending the struggle that most mother entrepreneurs go through to find this balance, she decided to stretch beyond and help these women grow out of their struggle and find success. And this very motive laid the foundation of ‘Multitasking Mommies’. Through this avenue, she brings together, the mother entrepreneurs, guides and inspires them on various aspects of their lives and businesses and empowers them to grow. Vaishali is a woman with many feathers in her cap. She believes in leading from the front and by example. With such leadership traits, she became an integral part of Rotary International in 2003 and served as District Rotaract Representative for the year 2007-08, encompassing Rotaract Clubs of Gujarat, Rajasthan and some parts of Madhya Pradesh. And continuing that essence of inspiring women today, she is serving as Chairperson of ALL Ladies League, Gujarat Chapter and has been appointed as State President for Entrepreneurship Council with Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI), driving numerous endeavors in the areas of women empowerment, youth empowerment and business growth.

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