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In celebration of Doctors’ Day 2022, we are highlighting the inspiring stories of doctors’ from different fields. They are creating a meaningful impact in the medical field. We hope their inspiring stories will inspire all. So guys, read on:

Here’s the Experts of Interview with the Lucknow based Dr. Neha Sharma, HOD of Oral Medicine :

1: Could you introduce yourself for our readers?

A. I Dr. Dipti Singh currently working as Head of the department of Oral Medicine and Radiology in Chandra Dental College and hospital. I am also appointed as head warden of girls hostel of capacity of 200 students. In the evening I run my own clinic and manage oral pre malignant lesion patients. As a President of Inner Wheel Club of Lucknow Pragati I am always ready to help poor and needy people which gives me a lot of satisfaction . My Husband Dr Sudhanshu Agrawal is a renowned Periodontist of Lucknow .I am a proud mother of two adorable kids Shardul and Tashvi.

2: When and how did you get in to Medical Field.

A. In 9th standard I realise that I need an orthodontic treatment for my teeth, so i visited a renowned dentist which was a milestone in my life ,visiting her clinic, looking at the setup, watching her warm interaction with patients impressed me a lot and I decided to become a dentist only. After qualifying medical exam in 2001 I took admission in Rama Dental College which was situated in Kanpur. My studies started , but it was not a very smooth path for me, as I faced many health issues because of weather change. During my internship I suffered with slip disk, but my spirit of becoming doctor helped me to come out of it.

3: What inspires you to choose this field and where does your inspiration come from?

A. I have seen many people around me suffering from diseases and because of lac of infrastructure and doctors they are not getting proper treatment that’s why I have chosen this field to solve the problem of needy people.

4: What types of Difficulties and Challenges have you faced during your journey?

A. After completion of my Bachelor of Dentistry course, the decision was very difficult for me as my parents wanted me to get married ,but I wanted to go for Masters degree, after a lot of discussions finally my parents got convinced only when i promised them that i will marry during my studies only, so they allowed me to continue with my studies. But the struggle didn’t ended as I again faced some health issues which became part of life. I completed my Master’s degree in 2011 which filled me with a lot of joy. I thought now it’s time to serve humanity, but life has its own plans and I conceived in the same year, still I decided to join hospital and as well as run my own clinic. Slowly life came on track and  I started enjoying my work as an Oral Diagnostician and Radiologist. After sometime I realized that it’s not just diagnosing and treating people, we have to help needy people by supporting them mentally, physically and financially , so I joined Inner Wheel Club to help people.

5: Which elements of your job do you most Enjoy.                                               

A. In my profession I love to see the smiles on the faces of my patients when I cure them.

6: What is your experience as a Doctor? How many cases / achievements in your portfolios.

A. In the journey of more than 10 yr, I have many good and many bad experiences. Some patients of pre- malignant lesions quit their habit and started living healthy life. On the other side some patients still continued the habit and ended up with oral cancer, which was very painful for me. I have treated more than 1000 no of patients , written many Books and published many National and International articles , received many awards like best teacher ,iconic women achiever and also participated in many social work’s like donated Ambulance to hospital, organized car rally on save girl child and awareness on tobacco cessation.

7: What advice would you give to someone at any point in their (Medical) career?

A. Being a doctor I would like to advice that you should always listen to patients carefully, proper diagnosis will help in treatment planning and care.

8: If you were not in this medical field what would do you think you would do professionally instead.

A. If I would have not been a doctor, I would have definitely been a social worker.

9: How do you Balance your professional life and personal life?

A. I never mix my professional life with my personal life.

10: What is your message on Doctors Day?

A. Healthy society is the main pillar of healthy nation and doctors are the backbone of the society.

11: Where our readers can find you and keep in touch with you.

A. I am available in Lucknow aliganj and also in Chandra dental college and hospital barabanki.

12: As a Dr what you learnt from Covid 19 Pandemic and do you think India has enough Health Infrastructure?

A. Prevention is  better than cure so, wear the masks and maintain social distance and wash your hands regularly is the key of COVID 19. As no of cases are increasing in India. We have to improve our the infrastructure.

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