Meet Dr. Shruti Sharma Grover managing director and associate professor at Chandra Dental College And Hospital who shares her Professional Journey with Hello Womeniya

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In celebration of Doctors’ Day 2022, we are highlighting the inspiring stories of doctors’ from different fields. They are creating a meaningful impact in the medical field. We hope their inspiring stories will inspire all. So guys, read on:

Here’s the experts of Interviews with Lucknow based Grover Director and Associate Professor in the Dept. of Prosthodontics, Dr. Shruti Sharma:

1: Could you introduce yourself for our readers?

A. My self Dr. Shruti Sharma Grover. I am working as Managing Director as well as Associate Professor in Chandra Dental College And Hospital.I am an academician , a Research Supervisor , a Consultant Prosthodontist , a Presenter and an Author . I am a member of Indian Dental Association and Indian Prosthodontics Society.

2: When and how did you get in to Medical Field.

A. I always wanted to be a doctor and my father helped me in full filling my dream. I wanted to be a part of health system for providing the treatment to the sufferers.

3: What inspires you to choose this field and where does your inspiration come from?

A. My father has inspired me to join the medical field. My father is Mr.VK Sharma is the Secretary of Chandra Dental college and Hospital Safedabad Barabanki. He has seen thousands of patients in pain and usually used to discuss the current condition of the health system and the sorrow of the patients with me. This thing inspired to join medical field.

4: What types of Difficulties and Challenges have you faced during your journey?

A. There are difficulties in every field. If you want to achieve any goal you have to go through thousands of path. In every path you will face thousands of problems. But with the help of firm determination and constant efforts you can achieve your dream.

5: Which elements of your job do you most Enjoy.                                               

A. Patients usually come with pain and after treatment they go with smile. I love this happy ending. The blessings i get from my elderly patients and love from younger ones keep me motivated.

6: What is your experience as a Doctor? How many cases / achievements in your portfolios.

A. I have lots of good experiences and some bad experiences. Bad experiences mostly come with the unsatisfactory response of treatment.
I have treated thousands of patients. I have lots of International and National publications, written some Books. I have attended many conferences and presented many papers. I have chaired many academic and social events as chief guest. I have organised many camps of health related issues. I have distributed free medicines to the needy patients.

7: What advice would you give to someone at any point in their (Medical) career?

A. Medical field is a continuous journey. You can’t take rest. So keep moving for the betterment of society. A better and healthy society is the key for the better and healthy nation.

8: If you were not in this medical field what would do you think you would do professionally instead.

A. Professionalism is not necessary for life. I would have been an artist as painting and sketching keep my mind relax.

9: How do you Balance your professional life and personal life?

A. A balance of everything is important for a happy and relaxed life so I handle both my professional life as well as personal life separately. You can’t mix these two.

10: What is your message on Doctors Day?

A. I have no hesitation in saying that everyday is Doctors day. You can’t imagine a single day without Doctors. So Doctors have to do their job with full energy for the whole life for the healthy World.

11: Where our readers can find you and keep in touch with you.

A. I am available at Chandra Dental college and Hospital and also in Grover Dental And Medical Centre Nirala nagar lucknow.

12: As a Dr what you learnt from Covid 19 Pandemic and do you think India has enough Health Infrastructure?

A. Life is full of challanges. So always be ready to accept these unwanted challenges. India has good health infrastructures. But it totally depends on the severity of conditions. There is always some scope for the improvement in every field.

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