Meet Kolkata based Dania Hussain Entrepreneur ,Model , Actor and MISS WEST BENGAL 2020 She shared her Journey on Diwali with Hello Womeniya

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In our Special Diwali festival Series Hello Womeniya.com highlighting Entrepreneurial journey of Dania Hussain read carefully her Interview definately inspire us :
Hello Womeniya:
Brief us about yourself or
Introduce yourself
Dania Hussain:
 ( ENTREPRENEUR,model , actor ,
DANIA HUSSAIN is an exporter of food and beverage from the city of joy, Kolkata. She is the director in her own company.she started her business of healthy food products on her own since she was already having knowledge of finance & also is a certified health & nutrition coach .
She has many blogs on various food related healthy recipes . 
She encourages people to go for a healthy living without compromising with their tastes & preferences. 
She comes from a business family . ALL her family members are involved in different businesses and they are having multiple businesses. 
Her family also believes towards greater achievements & accomplishments. 
Each member should be an asset to the other & not a liability. 
She also plans to expand her business so that she can generate employment opportunities for the people in the society , so that every house can have one earning member & this way we can achieve stability & economic growth for the society.
Dania has been crowned as Ms West Bengal 2020 & is the 1st runner up of Ms India Divas 2021.SHE HAS ALSO BEEN AWARDED AS BLISSFUL QUEEN 2021,London .She has been awarded as the INTERNATIONAL ICONIC WOMEN BY SARASWATIBAI DADSAHEB PHALKE INTERNATIONAL ICONIC WOMEN AWARDS POWERED BY IAWA NGO.She has also been awarded as TOP 100 influential beauty Queen by BLISSFUL QUEENS LONDON 2022. She recently helped one of her friends to launch her poetry book in Kolkata city,which is both in English & Bengali.
She even helped some homeless children get to the proper orphanage by creating various provisions for them ,where they could receive proper shelter, food & education & so that their lives could improve for the better .
Dania is still single & waiting for the right man . 
She’s also very much dedicated in pursuing her career & she wishes to fulfill all her dreams . 
Hello Womeniya:
Are You an Entrepreneur or a
Startup owner?
Dania Hussain;
Whatever you do, be different—that was the advice I received  and I can’t think of better advice for an entrepreneur. If you’re different, you will stand out.”
Since I come from a business family I have knowledge and expertise of running different businesses .I started my food business while pursuing other things in my career at a very early age & it’s been almost 9 years now since I am running my business, I am an Entrepreneur.I plan to do many other things & expand various sectors in my business. 
I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint—and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.

Hello Womeniya:
How do you celebrate Diwali festival
Dania Hussain
Light a lamp of love Blast a chain of sorrow!
  1. Shoot a rocket of prosperity!
    Fire a flowerpot of happiness!
    Wish you a  SPARKLING DIWALI.
Festivals are made even more meaningful when they are shared with family & friends . And one of the most important aspects of the celebrations is decorating our home . I decorate my home with a memory wall with lights&creative rangoli & Diya’s . Also I have shared home decorating tips on behance.com in my blog previously.
ALSO I VISIT SOME ORPHANAGE AND OLD AGE HOMES & make donations & do our social work.
I also enjoy myself by attending gatherings.
I attend cards party ,gatherings & get together of friends & various events  on the occasion of Diwali .
Hello Womeniya:
What is the importance or
significance of Diwali festival for you.
Dania Hussain :
Diwali symbolises the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. The lights of Diwali signify a time to destroy all our dark desires and thoughts, eradicated dark shadows and evils and gives us the strength and the zeal to carry on with our goodwill for the rest of the year.
It’s also a time of happiness to get together with our friends & family.It’s a time for celebration,cheer & togetherness.
5: What message you wish to
convey on Diwali
Fortunate is the one who has learned to Admire, but not to envy.
Good Wishes for a joyous Diwali with a plenty of Peace and Prosperity.
“light up new, bright and colorful dreams, fresh hopes, and undiscovered ways and fills our days with
pleasant surprises and moments” .
Hello Womeniya:
Recently you clebrated your birthday party pls tell something about the party and how was it.
Dania Hussain :
On my birthday,18 th October  I reflected on all of my blessings and I am thankful for each and every one of them. Happy Birthday to me.”
A birthday means that you are a year older, but a birthday party means you get to act 10 years younger.
Yes I recently celebrated my birthday with close friends& family .It was like a whole day event for me .On the eve of my birthday, one day before I made some donations to some charitable institutions.That’s how I feel any celebration should begin by giving to this universe .we had a private morning breakfast  with some of our close business colleagues in one of the resorts in the outskirts of Kolkata .In the evening party was in one of the five star hotels of Kolkata.It was a very private party with very selected people.The theme was “ ELEGANT & CLASSY  “ .
After the cake cutting ceremony.We had sessions of birthday good wishes speech 🎤 from our close family & friends.There was musical session ,few games & dance , followed by Multi cuisine & exotic dinner .
The party was really great ,since we had few and very selected guests we could easily mange everyone & everything .we were able to give time also to our guests.
I also got an opportunity to catch up with with my people after a long time & ofcourse take many pictures with them .
It was really a day worth remembering, & after this interview it will be even better ,since this episode would be published.I am really grateful & thankful for everything this platform IAWA NGO has given me & to Madam Daljeet Kaur & Amarcine productions .
Thank you so much.

Hello Womeniya:
What’syour message to all young Entrepreneurs
Dania Hussain ;
You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. 
My message to all YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS:-
“Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. “
8: Challenges and Difficulties you have faced in your Entrepreneur journey

Well, challenges are many in every individual’s daily life whether be it a man or woman, it’s actually the way we deal with it. I too faced many challenges in everyday life, in respect of many factors, but one thing I strongly look at is problem solving & not nagging about the problem. Many times being a woman, many individuals try to behave in a different way & try to bring women down.

They unnecessarily try to find faults, cook up false stories, many times also try to manipulate an individual’s character. Some people feel that women alone cannot get success in their endeavor and always try to talk negative things and wants stupid answers to fulfill their curiosity in life.

I am the director in my own company which is involved in the export of food & beverage products. I have also been a model & have been associated with many advertisements & fashion shows.

I faced many challenges. I started my business completely on my own, I did everything on my own as I was having knowledge of finance.

Many individuals didn’t understand what I was doing. I travelled to a few countries alone completely on my own. It was my first time, I was worried but I overcame my fears. I met many people, many people appreciated me also for having the courage to travel all alone & being present in certain expos & business exhibitions.

I made a few mistakes also, but since I travelled a lot I really learnt how to tackle things & being responsible for everything on your own.

I was doing shooting also for the advertisements & fashion shows, so that was also very hectic & strainous , & I was doing my own work also.

I faced certain health issues, as my situation was extremely strenuous, but gradually & slowly I managed all my things & took control of everything.

Hello Womeniya:
Tell something about your vision and future’planning about your business.

Dania Hussain :


Well I plan to evolve myself in not only one sector but various spheres . I plan to initiate a grooming academy where women can train themselves enough in such a way so that they can make a living for themselves.

I feel that not only women even man ,should not be dependent on anyone.we must strive for ourselves and make way for ourselves.Everyone has to face challenges and difficulties in life irrespective of their cast ,gender or social status .
This is what I feel .

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