Hairline has always believed in forward thinking, R&D, technology: Dr Bani Anand

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Hairline International Hair & Skin Clinic is a 12-year young medically managed trichology clinic run by a dynamic, non-medico lady founder, Dr Bani Anand who believes in medical intervention for hair & skin related issues and offers minimally invasive as well as non-invasive treatment options. She has a team of ably qualified dermato-surgeons & trichologists to offer the best solutions to her patients. In a candid interview with Hello Womeniya.com, Dr Bani talks about the challenges she faced during the pandemic, being a woman boss, what inspires her & keeps her going and her future plans.

Excerpts of the interview:

Hello Womeniya: As a woman entrepreneur running a successful hair and skin clinic for several years what are the challenges that you have faced?
Dr Bani Anand: I have been running Hairline for over 12 years now. According to me I have felt challenged about 4 big things in my life- giving directions, managing people, managing the vulnerable factors, and managing the pandemic, The last one still continues to be a struggle which forced us to spruce our operations drastically. Managing them is what you want at the end of the day and mismanaging them is what gives you away.

Hello Womeniya: What according to you are the USPs of HAIRLINE?
Dr Bani Anand: We at Hairline have forever believed in forward thinking. Therefore, I have invested a lot in R&D, technology, and finding new ways of treatment. These according to me have been our great USP. We have always thought and been ahead of the curve. We are very focused, and our initiative is to bring the best to the global platform. We are very strong in trichology. We have enough learning and we have a very strong mindset towards learning even with the medical team.

Hello Womeniya: What is your success mantra?
Dr Bani Anand: I believe in doing work every single day, structuring it and going forward, and being passionate about what I do. That I feel is my success mantra

Hello Womeniya: Who are your competitors in the market and how do you strive to be ahead of them?
Dr Bani Anand: I don’t look at my competitors. I just look at the work I do, and I continue to learn. That’s my mantra, to continue to learn and work. Passion comes from learning. It motivates me and inspires me to do better.

Hello Womeniya: What are the lessons that you have learned from the pandemic as far as your business is concerned?


Dr Bani Anand: I have understood consolidation is a good way to go, I have understood managing the finances is very important. The pandemic has taught us to be more responsible and it brought more out of us which is a very good thing. We have become more compassionate. I have become closer to my team in this whole process. It is very important to nurture your team.

Hello Womeniya: If given a chance, what is that one thing that you would like to change about yourself ?
Dr Bani Anand: If there is one thing, I would like to change that would be being time efficient. There is so much to do, and everything goes down to the time available to you and the focus available and I think I definitely want to focus on being time efficient.

Hello Womeniya: What has been your biggest inspiration and why?
Dr Bani Anand: I think everyone in life inspires at some time or the other. The way you are also is also because of the observation. There is a good amount of learning everywhere. Everybody has something to teach you. Learning from people’s lessons would be a good way to be inspired and to grow as a complete human being or as an entrepreneur, or as a woman.

Hello Womeniya: What are your future plans for Hairline?
Dr Bani Anand: Future plans of Hairline are technological advancements, new lines of therapies, medical progress, better techniques of doing procedures, and better quality of services. There is always room for improvement.

I am better than what I was 5 years ago, and I continue to strive to be better every single day. Maybe the pandemic taught me that, at the end of the day customers actually matter a lot. The future key is to set customer experience right and being more customer-centric. That is when they need you to make sure they feel comfortable and there is total trust.

Hello Womeniya: What message would you like to give aspiring women entrepreneurs?
Dr Bani Anand: Follow your dreams, continue to do good work, and everything else will fall into place. You will for sure make a difference and make a mark in whatever you do.

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