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BJP Corporator Of Ward 218 Girgaon Mrs Anuradha Potdar Provided Thermal Screening Guns And Oxymeters To Societies And Groups As Precautious Measures Making People Not Suffer From Last Minute Emergency

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BJP Corporator of ward-218 Girgaon Mrs. Anuradha Potdar speaking with Hello Womeniya News Reporter Ashmita Chhabria states that she directly provided Thermal Screening Guns and Oxymeters to societies and groups like Ganesh Mandals and Navratri Mandals so that people should not face any last minute emergencies.

Mrs Potdar interacted with Hello Womeniya News Reporter Ashmita Chhabria on phone and shared her experience. She quoted, “We have done tree cutting at the areas we feared that trees might fall apart and create an issue for all. We have also cleaned all the water drainages so that there is no water logging issues.
We do sanitization of all the localities with more care and efficiency because in rainy seasons there is threat of Dengue & Malaria. Our MLA Mr Prabhat Lodha has provided all the nagar sewaks with sanitizing teams.

We have provided Thermal Guns and Oxymeters to all the societies and Ganesh Mandals Navratri Mandals; circulated a message through-out the ward that they have thermal guns and oxymeters so that there are no last minute emergencies. We also run vans providing essentials and only essential services in our ward.”

When she was quizzed that is she satisfied with the performance of government and has any demand from? She gave a dis-satisfactory reply. “I am not at all satisfied with the performance of government. For all these 3 months, the duration of lockdown we provided everything from our pockets. Our MLA and a few NGOs helped us to make the necessary arrangements. Central Government provided help to state government but they didn’t gave us.”

She further quoted they have a D-WARD WAR ROOM which takes the charge of all the Medical Requirements of patients. There one can see status of all the patients.

She also shared, “Government and people both should take responsibilities equally. If government is permitting to open the shops alternately so one should follow the rule n not open shops regularly. I have seen couple of shop owners and from now on am gonna fine them if they do not abide laws.”

  • News Reported By Ashmita Chhabria

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