Visionary President Rtn Poonam Kakodkar of Rotary Club of Mumbai Kalakar stepped in with Covid – 19 Project Food Ration Kit Distribution To Needy Artists

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Hello Womeniya Rotary Club District 3141 News Desk :

Mumbai: Covid 19 gratifying project achieved by this club to provide the necessities like food to artists and came ahead to do so with enthusiasm as they acknowledge in contributing services above themselves

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought untold difficulties upon all artists. Too proud to beg for basic needs yet helpless in the face of their economic condition – medical aid, rent money, even mobile recharging was a challenge! The situation looked bleak even shortly. Vision President Rtn Poonam Kakodkar of the Rotary Club of Mumbai Kalakar (District 3141) decided to step in to extend a helping hand to fellow kalakars (artists) by sponsoring food kits. Project Chairperson, Rtn Renuu Gupta, ably led this project. The Rotary Club of Mumbai Kalakar raised funds through members and friends of members and in addition, the Cultural Arts Rotary Club (CARC) also raised funds for this project. This was the first joint project with Twin Club, the Cultural Arts Rotary Club (CARC), Fresno, California (USA), District 5230.

The project was divided into two Phases -. Phase 1 was self-funded by the Rotary Club of Mumbai Kalakar and Phase 2 was funded by CARC. Phase 1 was held on two days, 11th June 2021 at Sion and on 12th June 2021 at Thane for 63 and 73 musicians respectively from the Orchestra Association of Mumbai. The artists profusely thanked the club, saying that no one thought of them and how they were managing in these circumstances.
Phase 2, Day 1 (24th June 2021) 164 food rations kits were distributed, the beneficiaries were:
–72 Artists from the orchestra association of Mumbai
–17 freelance artists
–75 artists from United Look-Alike Association
The look-alikes of Bollywood stars like Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan, Mumtaz, Rajesh Khanna, Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Amjad Khan, Mehmood, and so many others spontaneously gave scintillating performances. There were as many as 7 Salman Khan look-alikes!
Snacks sponsored by Rtn Renuu Gupta served to all. The artists profusely thanked the Rotary Club of Mumbai Kalakar and Cultural Arts Rotary Club, Fresno.
Day 2 was held at Malad on 25th June 2021 at 2 pm where kits were distributed to 99 beneficiaries.

This was a particularly satisfying project for the Rotary Club of Mumbai Kalakar, through which 400 artists across Mumbai were benefitted. And signified Special thankfulness to President Terri Broderick (CARC) and all the members of CARC, RCMK Club Mentor Rajendran Unnikrishnan, DGN Sandip Agarwalla, Rtn Vijay Jatia, and Rtn Manoj Gursahni from the Rotary Club of Bombay..

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