Mumbai based Therapist Dr. Tejswi Kamble Introduces Professional guidance for Indian children (birth to 5 years)

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November 2022 for children by Tejswi

Professional guidance for Indian children (birth to 5 years

This is *third consecutive year of my fundraising initiative* with Indian Development Foundation for supporting *Education of underprivileged children by offering free of charge*
Tele health sessions facilitated by parents and carers.

Therapist Dr. Tejswi Kamble

Based on
✅ Research done on Play and Child Development.
✅Experience of working with children pre and post pandemic.

First come, First serve basis.
*Register* by joining the link below :
and get access to previous parent
educational materials (1 st – 6 th November) and future updates.

*About Dr. Tejswi Kamble*
Occupational Therapist special interest in wellbeing of younger children and older adults.
Masters in Occupational Therapy Neurosciences speciality (Sion hospital)
Masters in Applied Clinical Psychology (IGNOU)
Certification in Nutrition and Child-care( IGNOU)
Certification in Fitness Management (IHFA)
Consultant at Godrej Hospital with over 10 years of working experience (2012-2022)
Registration with All India Occupational Therapist’s Association and Play Therapy Association, India

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