Know Nidhi Malhotra Panipat based Math and Computing Instructor Plants 1500 Trees

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Introducing Nidhi Malhotra, a Math and Computing Instructor at Withehatjr.

After schooling from Bengaluru where she lived with family for 18 years, she graduated from Karnataka’s VTU with a degree in electronic and communication engineering.

She is employed in the environment field for 9 years. Every month, she plants number of trees.

As a Teacher she used to travel to several villages to teach the children. Apart, she shares sketching and note-taking books with kids and plants trees alongside them.
As of date, she has planted more than 1500 trees.

Nidhi was in Bengaluru till 2019 and later moved to Panipat to work.

She took to tree plantation with her parents at the tender age of 10.

Notably in 2014, she took up employment.

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