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Swati Bhansali The President Of Inner Wheel Club Bombay Shares Her Teams Charity Work And Experience With Hello Womeniya News

Written by Hello Womeniya

Hello Womeniya News Team got an opportunity to interact with Swati Bhansali, President, Inner Wheel Club Bombay. Sharing IWC’s charity work amid the Covid-19 induced lockdown, she said, “They had done a lot of charity work in the months of July and August. They replaced two 5000 liter water tanks at Tribal Girls Hostel, Tara Village, Raigad”.

Quoting about the hostel, she mentioned that “The hostel is a part of Yusuf Meherally Center which provides education to 500+ Adivasis, Dalits & BPL Girls.” They have also donated funds for rebuilding school damaged by recent cyclone at Ashramshala, Shantivan, in Wakdi Village. Apart from rebuilding school, they have provided support for Ashramshala’s Help A Child & Mid-Day Meals Scheme, as well as they have provided Solar Kits to students for uninterrupted studies. They had even distributed 1300 meals to poor/migrant workers in July. They had also distributed School exercise books and stationery to slum children in Ambujwadi, Malad (W) and Educational Books for SEC Day School students at Santacruz Centre, Agripada Centre, Antop Hill Centre and handed over the same to their parents.

They had as well held Independence Day Dress Competition, Independence Day Table Decor Competition, and Independence Day Song/Poem Competition to increase fellowship amongst members on the occasion of the 74th Independence Day of the Nation.

She further said, “Our Club arranged a Zoom Talk by Smita Bharti of Sakshi on the Rakshin Project which we are supporting, on the issue for Child Sexual Molestation and Gender Justice.” They had also arranged a talk by three NGOs to support the Milk Bag Project and Waste Management in the city. This is their upcoming project. Elaborating on this, she said “The Club plans to support the Milk Bag Project – to promote environmental consciousness and prevent clogging of drains, and to encourage recycling of plastic waste.”

They also run vocational classes for students about which she said, “We are running Vocational classes for students, who in turn are stitching baby caps, mattress covers, jhablas, kangaroo bags, bolsters for the Neo Natal Ward of KEM Hospital.”

When quizzed about Government Performance she replies, “Inner Wheel Club keeps away from Politics as a matter of principle. In my personal capacity, I would say India is not tapping into its full potential as a country due to many distractions of a political nature.

We are seeing Healthcare, Education, and Upliftment of the poor and marginalized suffering on account of this. This is where, I believe, Inner Wheel Clubs are stepping in to play a crucial role to alleviate some miseries.”

Her message towards society is, “Unless, we, the people of India, realize, the Government alone, cannot solve all the problems of India. We need to realize the divisive politics and shun it at all costs, unless we realize it is equally our responsibility – and indeed our obligation – to live as responsible citizens of India. Finally unless we too help uplift the Society we live in, we have no right to point fingers at the Government we elect. It takes two hands to clap.”

News Input by: Mrs. Swati Bhansali,
President IWC Bombay.

News Report by: Ashmita Chhabria

Proofread by: Anisha Nandan

Pictures of Book Donation

Pics of Masks distribution


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