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Social Worker Ranjana Interacts With Hello Womeniya News Reporter Ayushi Kedia On Social Activities In Lockdown

Written by Hello Womeniya

Negativity is a killer instinct. It drives one to slip into depression causing strain to the brain.

Currently, negative thinking is causing mental corrosion, and this mental disease which is prevailing in the society, is, causing more adversities.Each moment, unknowingly or unknowingly, I am falling prey to it.The need for more competition in every aspect itself is like a disease which triggers unsatisfaction with anything and everything which again is leading life to despair and death.

Every moment, beginning from morning till night, everywhere it’s only negative news. This comes through the masses, on the streets, …taking away smiles from life and making it more panic-stricken and scary.
The atmosphere is in a horrible situation with crisis both in social and financial aspect. If you can’t get yourself out of here, suicidal cases, mental illness /depression will increase.

The time is deplorable because of negativity amidst us, and across the world everyone is in trouble. People are dying because of hunger, virus, accidents, and many other unexpected incidents, including natural disasters have become happenings.

The situation prompted everyone to take some steps for people in our surroundings to help those who need help. The people has started becoming traumatized because of getting trapped in immediate attack of virus. We never even analysed even in our hypocrite life.

Conversing with Hello Womeniya News reporter Ayushi Kedia, she further made it known that this type of situation will emerge again and may shut down many running machines and business houses and activities. Several millions of people have gradually lost their jobs too.

Amid the Covid-19 crisis, Ranjana Patil, a social worker is serving the people in a very commendable way. Further, she stated that her very first job started when the government declared this as a pandemic, and from that very day, she has been on continuous pressure on sanitizing all the buildings, areas of her ward no. 68 and few areas like kapasbari, Bharat Nagar, etc. Thereafter, as the lockdown became more stringent, she started distributing food to needy people also. However, after few days she realized that in her area the population of poor and women were very less. So rather putting efforts on cooked meals, she started distributing grocery kits according to her will. In between this, she received a call from police if she requires Masks and sanitizers for the distribution to the people. But she had already ordered it through her daughter from Bengaluru who also supports her financially a lot in doing this work. She added along with masks and sanitizers later she found it useful to distribute Face shield for the people who have to go out for necessary work. Slowly the cases started increasing in her area so for that persons from Municipal Corporations used to come in the same van with 9-10 people together to check, and she observed that for the section of people face shield in necessary item to protect them.

Apart from this, she worked a lot for the migrant people as she had spread her words in the area that whoever requires Grocery items, may contact her because she contacted from a shop to give people whatever they require and to note amount on her name. In this way, it became easy for both of them, and later she pays to that shopkeeper. Moreover in her locality, 20-25 active cases were found initially and people used to get panic. But she tried her best to make contact with everyone, she goes at their places and for further support, she even took the help of Gulshan Ma’am to deal with the situation for the Ambulances and reference of Hospital.

She tried to maintain humanity in her ward and if BMC person used to deny for cleaning particular infected are then for that area the special van for corona to clean areas of societies and wings are being called. Later on, she initiated everyone to make WhatsApp group according to building to know what problems people are facing in their surroundings. And some people who found to be positive and are alone and had no one to lock after for their meal so check those people if anything required with proper precautions as she suggested everyone this time is not for hate, create positivity and behave like an evolved broad-minded society. In this way, many of them started knowing each other also.

Lastly, she wants to say that this pandemic brought positive and negative both. Earlier we were trapped in our work and never bothered to find time for our family and friends. But now everyone got to know the importance of their family in some or the other way. We also learned to contribute in home chores and become dependent and some ways to adjust life in various terms.

  • News Reported By Ayushi Kedia.
  • News edited by Anisha Nandan.

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