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Shiv Sena Corporator Archana Says Government Should Provide Facilities To Common Man

Shiv Sena Corporator Archana Says Government Should Provide Facilities To Common Man
Written by Hello Womeniya

While the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading widely across the country with each rising day the number of cases and deaths due to pandemic is also rising. The government makes sure to provide the best to the people it can. Common Man is worried. All the savings of Common Man have been washed away now in the monthly expenses.

At this point of time BMC Corporators are playing the role of middle man between the government and citizens of the country. For government they are just employees doing their duties, but for citizens who are in pain and under great problem they are angel for them.

At this point of time, Corporator Mrs. Archana Kadam BMC Ward 13 Mira-Bhayendar area appeals to the government to provide some facilities which are beneficial for Middle Class people.
Interacting with Hello Mumbai News she shared her experience and said, “We are daily updating people about number of cases. Under my ward there were about 10-11 cases. The ones who tested positive were all under working population For Example; working at bank, travel from Bhayendar to Bombay for work, working at hospital, someone was a security guard, one case was of doctor, and so on. The ones who stay at Mira-Bhayendar were not affected that much in comparison with the ones who travel. All the ones were not tested positive at the same time. Apparently, there are no cases only one working at a Lab has been tested negative but is under quarantine.”

Further she shared, “All the nagar sewaks are working for the people of their ward. Firstly we were making all the arrangements of food and we had list of names of people who required groceries. At the start we used to get cooked food from BMC and from our office we used to deliver the food packets to the people. Then we made a pack of vegetables like potato tomato etc. each pack had 6-7 vegetables of worth Rs. 100 were given to people. Now we are distributing medicine Arcenicum Album 30, to all the areas under our ward. People are asking for sanitization of their society, and facilities like pest control are also been provided from our end.

80% of population is obedient here. Societies follow all the orders. But some people do not obey the instructions. They step out and make social meet with each other. Our people ask them to stay back at home and when out please maintain social distance, but they do not obey us.”

When our reporter asked, that if she is satisfied with the performance of government she said, “Yes am completely satisfied with the job of government. No complaints from my end, they are all doing their best. All the rules made by them are for the welfare of the citizens, and all the citizens should abide them.”

When asked about demand to government she said, “Not a demand, but a request. Here people are not that wealthy, some have received only one month’s salary, some will be getting only half of the payment, all are working at private firms these days, some are already jobless some might lose their job in the upcoming days, sole traders or people having small business have no source of income. These all people belong to middle class category. They will face and are facing difficulties. They have no source of income and they have bills to pay. Their children are young and are tenderfeet and are school-kids. How will they manage to pay their child’s education? We want that these people should be benefitted by some means. Their employers, owners of firms will not be able to pay them because they are unable to go at work due to lockdown. If they do not go to office and perform all their responsibilities, the companies will not pay them. Only reason they were unable to go was pandemic and lockdown. There was no transport for them they do not have IDs to access public transport or to step out. So hence some facilities should be provided to Middle Class people. Government is providing many facilities to poor people like food, transport, etc. rich people have everything, but what about Middle Class people? They have no facilities. They have no proper cards or have no certain IDs. So due to this lack they have no facilities. So it is my humble request that government should do something which is beneficial for Middle Class people. These people neither ask for any help nor are provided with anything at this time. It seems like they all are having everything but they have now ran out of whatever essentials they had and have not a single penny and many bills to pay. At this point of time they are suffering a lot. Middle Class people work at private firms but now all of them are not having work from home, and hence, they aren’t getting paid. The ones who are jobless have ran out of savings now.

Earlier the list we got of the names of people who required our help had only poor or low class people’s names, but now we are surprised to see the names of Middle Class People. They are asking for help now. We feel terrible for them. They are in problem now all because they have no source of income. They are helpless, and are asking us for help. So government should do something.”

She further said that “I have one more request, here we have hospitals but we do not have proper medical services. Doctors have no PPE kits, there is lack of beds at hospitals for patients. When a patient visits hospital for test, the hospital authorities ask him to visit some other hospitals because they do not have beds available. If one is tested positive and now due to non-availability of beds, patient is made to stay at ambulance. So I request government to do something, take some action ASAP. Provide us a good hospital with all facilities.”

Further she said, “Yes my party supports me a lot. They have helped in sanitization. They have provided homeopathic medicine Arcenicum Album 30 to all the people. Food donation, medical camp all was done with their support. They solve all our issues too.”
She is willing to share her message through Hello Mumbai, to the citizens. She said, “Stay home Stay Safe take all precautions, wear mask, wash hands, do not step out if not necessary, sanitize hands if outside. Please take home delivery of groceries etc. make use of online ordering apps and get everything at your door step.

So this is how Corporator Mrs. Archana Kadam shared her experience and request government to do something for middle class category people, and provide them good hospitals. She aslo asks people to stay home stay safe.

News report by: Ashmita Chhabria

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