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Pooja Gupta president Inner Wheel Club of Allahabad Navya, Dist-312 Stepped in to support needy ones amid a pandemic

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Mask and sanitizer distributed by Club amid lockdown .

Charity project picture of during Pandemic.

Pooja Gupta president of Inner Wheel Club of Allahabad Navya, Dist-312 Stepped in to support needy ones amid a pandemic

News Input by Radhika Joshi :

Brief Introduction of IWC :

Inner Wheel, founded by Mrs. Oliver Golding in 1924, is the world’s largest voluntary women service organization consisting mainly of women.

About Inner wheel District 312:

Inner wheel Club District 312 coveres many cities of Uttar Pradesh in cities such as, Luckhnow, Allahabad, Azamgarh, Mirzapur, Faizabad, Basti, Jaiunpur, Banaras, Varanasi,
Sultanpur, Gorskhpur and lakhimpur

International Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s service voluntary organisations in the world and is active in more than 104 countries.
International Inner Wheel has three key objectives:

01. To Promote True Friendship
02. To Encourage the Ideals of Personal Service
03. To Foster International Understanding
Any woman who shares the three central aims of International Inner Wheel can join the organisation

Mumbai: Inner Wheel Club of Allahabad Navya came ahead to procure helping hands in this pandemic. They try to empower as much assistance as feasible, they allocate food grains, and other necessities to help the needy ones.

President: Pooja Gupta
Secretary: Divya Singh

Project COVID-19 pandemic:

Distribution of Safety equipment.
Beneficiaries of this project are Many
Amount spent:9900 on 27th July 2020 at 1 pm, Place: Nagar Nigam Civil lines Allahabad. The number of Members present were 3.
“Ultimately, the greatest lesson that COVID-19 can teach humanity is that we are all in this together.”

On 27th July 2020, The club distributed sanitizers, midos masks, 3ply masks, cotton gloves, N95 masks, surgical gloves, PPE kit, Spray machine, disinfectant chemical, face shield, and other safety equipment which helps to fight against covid-19. This equipment is distributed by their honorable member Mayor Abhilasha Gupta to employees of Nagar Nigam and Safai Karamcharis (sweepers and cleaners).  Dist. Chairman Mrs. Nusrat Rasid was also present. Members incorporated were president Pooja Gupta and secretary Divya Singh.

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