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Navita Prasad President , Inner Wheel Club of Jamshedpur District 325, Stepped in to provide crucial projects to support covid affected people

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News Input by Radhika Joshi :

Brief Introduction of IWC :

International Inner Wheel is an international women’s organisation to create friendship, service and understanding. It has clubs in over 100 countries with over 100,000 members.It is

non profit organization and known for its charity works. Inner wheel club has a very strong presence in India. More than 3,000 clubs are active in urban as well rural areas of India.

Mumbai: Innerwheel Clubs are playing a crucial role in aiding the community in this pandemic hardship and this club of District 325 is executing several projects and looking forward to providing more contribution for the betterment

Condolence and Prayer Meeting by IW District 325 via Zoom Meeting on 5th May at 3.30 pm. Members of this club are deeply grieved by the loss of spouses of Dr. Rita Jha and Amrita Rao and Editor Babita Sharma’s sister.

The club organized a condolence meeting in memory of all the departed souls and also prayed for the wellbeing of all members of Inner Wheel District 325.
District Chairman Dr. Sheela Ranjan and Association President Vasudhaa Chandrachud graced their presence on the occasion to express solidarity and pray with them in this hour of grief. PP IWC Jamshedpur / D ISO Alakananda Bakshi supported the program.

The program began with the recital of Gayatri Mantra followed by a minute of silence to pray for all the departed souls. Club presidents / Representatives paid tribute to the members /spouses of members who had left for heavenly abode. It was heart-rending for members to share their thoughts. Bhajan was sung by Manisha Sahay and Late Mr. Ishwar Rao’s bhajan was played during the program.

District ESO Anjana Poddar put forth her positive experience and urged everyone to take the vaccination. The program ended with a Shanti Paath. The Hindi version was recited by President Navita Prasad, the English version by PP / D ISO Alakananda Bakshi, and the Sanskrit version was recited by Vice President Vinita Shah

They dedicated two projects to Covid warriors and all the COVID related departed souls of the district, they pray for the eternal peace of:
Ms. Rashmi Saran of IWC Amrapali Patna
Ms. Geeta Seth of IWC Gaya
Mr. Deepak Saran (Spouse of Sangeeta Saran, PP Gaya City)
Ms. Pushpa Sinha of IWC Gaya City
Mr. Shekhar Jha (Spouse of Dr. Rita Jha, Past President and District Secretary of IWD 325)
Mr. Ishwar Rao (Spouse of Amrita Rao, Secretary, IWC Jamshedpur)
Ms. Dolly Chatterjee of IWC Patliputra
Ms. Shashikala Roy of IWC Patna
Ms. Priymbda Jha of IWC Patna
Rtn. Roy Shivaji Nath (Spouse of PP Kavita Nath, IWC Patna)
Captain Aditya Nath Roy (Spouse of Jayanti Jha, Secretary IWC Patna Vanashree)
Ms. Vinita Kinjalak of IWC Muzaffarpur
Dr. Ms. Kanika of IWC Sherghati

They are grateful to District Chairman Dr, Sheela Ranjan for allowing us to pray for the departed souls

Did two projects named Water Free Urinal, Parvati Ghat Crematorium
Sitting Area ~100 People, Parvati
Ghat Crematorium, Venue: Zoom Meeting on 5th May’21 at 3.30 p.m.
The key benefit derived from a water-free urinal in a public place, is in saving a significant amount of water and sewage minimization, thereby reducing carbon footprint affecting the environment. Less than 1% of the world’s water is fresh drinking water. It’s estimated that 2.2 trillion gallons of freshwater are wasted every year from sanitation flushing. As our world population grows, freshwater will be increasingly scarce. Hence, there is a need to minimize flushing fresh water down a urinal drain. They are grateful to our well-wishers for sponsoring the project.

Facilitation of Sitting Area for Nearly 100 People Parvati Ghat Crematorium
They sponsored concrete blocks with black stone tops to facilitate a sitting area for nearly 100 People at Parvati Ghat Crematorium. Inner Wheel boards and potted plants with Inner Wheel Logo and have been installed within the Central sitting area. During cremation, several people need to either keep standing for long or be seated in an undesirable environment. Hence, an effort has been made by the club to improve the ambiance during troubled times to elevate mental health.

On 16th May did two projects, Ration Relief for transgenders, Donation of Sanitary Pads
In these difficult times, with the aim that no one should go hungry, members of the Inner Wheel Club of Jamshedpur arranged for ration relief for 25 needy families of transgenders. Thanks to Mr. Souvik Saha of “People for Change” for their cooperation and support in distributing the ration among transgenders.
Intending to fulfill the hygienic needs of women during the pandemic, members of the Inner Wheel Club of Jamshedpur arranged for the distribution of 1000 sanitary pads in the rural areas. Thanks to Mr. Souvik Saha of “People for Change” for their cooperation and support in the planning and execution of this project.
Thanks to IPP Dr. Manju Rani Singh for sponsoring the sanitary pads.

Donated 221 PPE Kits at Civil Surgeon’s Office on 20th May’21, 11 a.m
During the pandemic, as the number of vaccination centers is increasing, the demand for Personalised Protective Equipment (PPE) kits is increasing. To support the government in providing aid to the health workers, members of Inner Wheel Club of Jamshedpur, donated 221 PPE Kits with stickers having the Inner Wheel logo at the Civil Surgeon’s Office, Khas Mahal in presence of Civil Surgeon Dr. A.k.lal, Dr.Bimlesh Kumar and Mr.Suman. They are thankful to Mr. Shiv Puran Singh, Head of Senior Citizens Committee, East Singhbhum for his support and cooperation. We are thankful to Mr. Chetan Mehta for his contribution and support.

Thanked PP Vijayalakshmi Das (Convener for Medical Camps) for her presence and support and for arranging for the transport and delivery of the kits during the lockdown. Appreciated Vice President Vinita Shah for her presence and support.
member Taru Gandhi who arranged for the PPE Kits. And thank every member who supported these projects

Donated 400 N 95 Masks at Deputy Superintendent of Police Office (DSP’s Office) on 24th May 2021, 12 p.m allotted masks to DSP CCR, Mr. Arvind Kumar at his office. Shown praise to PP Vijaya Lakshmi Das for taking out her valuable time and for arranging for transport and delivery of the masks, Vice President Vinita Shah for her presence and support.
Forthwith Radhika Dhandhania for arranging the masks, Charter member Taru Gandhi, Radhika Dhandhania, Deepa Gandhi, well-wishers, and yours truly for sponsoring the masks.

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  • Our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Radhika Joshi and ” Hello Mumbai news” for covering the covid projects of Inner Wheel Club of Jamshedpur, District 325.

    Our motto is Friendship and Service. In these difficult times, we are trying our best to continue to serve the needy people and support our Covid Warriors.

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