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Inner wheel Club Gaya, (Dist-325) President Shubhra Gupta Comes Forward to support Covid 19 Pandemic affected people

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News Input by Radhika Joshi :

Brief Introduction of Inner wheel club :

International Inner Wheel is an international women’s organisation to create friendship, service and understanding. It has clubs in over 100 countries with over 100,000 members.Its non profit organization and known for its charity works. Inner wheel club has a very strong presence in India. More than 3,000 clubs are active in urban as well rural areas of India.

Mumbai: IWC Gaya District 325, have been reaching various projects and enabling people even in this pandemic crisis and fulfilling their responsibilities, and here is the list of their charity  projects –

On 20th May 2021, Time: 7:30 am
Category: Health & Hygiene
Project Details : O2 Bank of IWC & Rotary Gaya
They gave 8 Oxygen Cylinder,5 Oxygen Cylinder Kit includes (Valve, Regulator, mask, wrench),2 PPE Kit,50 pair of Gloves, Sanitizers, Spray bottle,10 Face shields, Masks

Rotary club Of Gaya provided -5 Oxygen Cylinder,100 bottles (10ltr) Sanitizer

1st September 2020, they had started an Oxygen Bank jointly with the Rotary club of Gaya during the first year of the pandemic at the Rotary campus. In 2020 we had 5 oxygen cylinders and this year 2021 they have added 13 new cylinders which have taken the total no. of cylinders to 18 With this small effort we were able to save many lives and help patients in their need. I thank my club members for their support & donation which made this project successful. I’m sure the continuing support will help IWC Gaya in saving more lives in the future.

3rd March 2021,at 4:30pm
Category E- environment
Project – Donation of cow Dung Log making machine to Rajesh Kumar & family at Amwan Village near Bodh Gaya.
Innovative machine for making cow dung logs that is as strong as wood and has many uses, especially as Eco-friendly firewood for tandur, Havan, Yagya-Pooja, rituals, criminology, etc. A combination of dung and straw is fed into the hopper of the machine. A screw mechanism has been provided in the machine, which helps in mixing raw materials thoroughly, compressing them, and extruding them out. By using different sizes of dice, logs of different shapes and sizes can be made easily. Produced logs are then put under the sunlight to dry out the moisture inside them, making them hard and sturdy. This cow dung log is slightly hollow to allow the passage of oxygen and therefore, highly combustible.
It was inaugurated by PDC Ritu Dalmia & PDC Mridula Narayan. PP Ragini Bhadani, Sec. Vimmi Lohani, Treasurer Abha Ji, Rakhi Bhadani, Sarika, Vinita Khaitan, and P. Shubhra Gupta was present during the project.

Did another Category under Hope
E- environment
O- Support to Orphanage girl on 23rd April 2021
Project details – Donation of ‘Diya making Machine’ & Saree to a physically handicapped girl on her marriage.
Inner Wheel Gaya donated a Diya-making machine to a physically handicapped girl who can’t walk ‘Rubi’ in our adopted village Badki Takiya 20 km away from Gaya. This Diya-making machine is gifted to her in her marriage so that she can earn and support her family. This Eco-friendly Diya is made out of cow dung which has its religious importance and other recent scientifically proven benefits and it is also very different from the clay Diya. When cow dung Diya is lit, the lamp catches fire, and the resultant smoke from it acts as a mosquito and insect repellant, the remaining ash is used as vibhuti (holy ash), and can also be used as an anti-fungicide for plants.
These days (Panchagavya diya‘s ) have the power to cleanse the environment and the energies it emits can make a difference to your aura and mood too. These are really powerful tools in our hands, provided we accept and learn to include them in our day-to-day lives.

Bihar Divas Celebration :

The event of 109th Bihar Diwas, on 22nd February 2 021, This day is marked as the formation of the state of Bihar on March 22nd, 1912. IWC Gaya was invited by Dist. Administrations District Magistrate Gaya Abhishek Kumar Singh & SSP Aaditya Kumar in ‘Shramdan’ at Gaya Gandhi Maidan in support of state Government ‘JAL JIWAN HARIYALI’ This year IWC Gaya has adopted Gandhi Maidan and working under Goal ‘HOPE’
PAS Durba Sahay, PDC Kiran Prakash & twelve members were present at this event.

Inner Wheel Day
Awareness program
The theme ‘ Lead The Change’
Jointly with IWC Gaya, IWC Bodhgaya, IWC Gaya City
Total 20 cars and more than 50 members participated in this awareness program
SDM Indrajeet Kumar did flag off.

Their Goal- Hope
Category E- under Environment
They have launched a campaign to conserve the precious treasures of nature, water, which is very much needed today. Water conservation is the demand today.
Keeping in view the rainwater harvesting system, restoration, recycling under Conservation of Water Bodies, Innerwheel Club Gaya conducted rooftop Rain Water Harvesting Rotary Campus inaugurated by Dr. Sheelaranjan K. Kar Kamlo, Chairman, District 325. Rooftop rainwater harvest filters can be piped down to deposit the roof water that is wasted on the roof of the building into a large tank or underground tank so that groundwater level can be recharged and stored in borewells, tube wells, or wells. Rainwater TDS is 4.10 pm. It is useful in drinking, eating, bathing, and gardens. With 0% hardness, washing machines and geysers do not have staining, the age of the machine increases.
This is a one-time investment with no need for water and electricity.
It is very easy to install, use and maintain. About 20,000 liters of water can be saved in 1 hour of rain from a roof of 1000 square feet. It should be mandatory in every house. This technology should be made officially mandatory as it is only by protecting the water that the security of our country can be ensured.

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