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Mrs. Rajita Gupta Immediate Past President Of Inner Wheel Club Kapurthala Punjab District 307 Shares Her Team’s Charity Work Amid Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown With Hello Womeniya News

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While Interacting with Neha Singh, Mrs. Rajita Gupta, Immediate Past President, Inner Wheel Club of Kapurthala, Punjab District 307, said that “Inner Wheel’s mission is to promote actions, services, and good practices intended to improve the lives of women and children in the world, through a global network of Members, that voluntarily donate commitment and love for others.”

She added that it was Mrs. Sharmitha Puri who introduced the Inner Wheel in Kapurthala and which got established in 1999. Since then, the Wheel of charity has been Authoritative. Dr. Surjit is PDC and Past Association Editor. Presently, Sonika Aggarwal is the Chairman of Dist.307 Chairman and also the member of IWC Kapurthala. Mrs. Rajita had joined the IWC in 2005. They had dispersed handmade reusable masks to the people and had also distributed Ration kits to the needy people.

Further, they have even distributed sanitary napkins in slum areas with the help of the Police Officials. Besides this, through their Club, they have undertaken a Tree Plantation activity. They had also organized Blood Donation Camp in the end of July with the help of the Local Authorities.

Remarkably, they have as well organized a Webinar in Govt. College on how to live in Post Covid.
She conveys her message to the citizens by saying “I would advise citizens to corporate with the government and follow to the protocols of government. Stay home. Do not Panic just take proper precautions.”

News Report by: Neha Singh.


Blood Donation Camp.

Groceries Kits Donation During Lockdown.

Sanitary Napkins Being Donated At Slums.

Picture Of Hand-Made Reusable Masks For Donation.


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