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Meet Mayura Parakh President Inner Wheel Club of Dondaicha, District 306. Shared her Service projects details amid pandemic with Hello Womeniya

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Picture Gallery of Service projects 

Picture of Service project during pandemic.

Hello Womeniya Inner Wheel News Desk North Maharashtra :

Mayura Parakh President Inner Wheel Club of Dondaicha, District 306.
Inner Wheel Club is one of the largest International Women’s Organization. Inner Wheel Club in India has 27 districts which consists of 1475 clubs having more than 45000 members.
Moto of the club is to
1. Create friendship
2. Service
3. To foster International Understanding.
I belong to Inner wheel Club of Dondaicha which comes under District 306.
I started my Journey as member of IWC Dondaicha in year 2014. Year 2020-21 was the year which gave me the opportunity to become president and to my part of service for society more efficiently.
But all plans came to stake when the pandemic hit. Though it was a difficult time but as it is said that nothing is impossible if you decide to do it. So by the guidance of IIW President Bina Vyasji, Association President Vasudhaa Chadrachud, out District Chairman Mrs Sneha Jain and with all my members we decided to do every bit of service possible. We did our projects under the umbrella of HOPE. HOPE stands for Health and Hygiene, Orphan and Old, Patriotism and Environment. We completed total 75 projects.

The brief about our work is as follows
Under Health and Hygiene we conducted various projects which included blood donation camps, distribution of covid protection kits, sanitizer stand at various public places like police station and post office, Various zoom webinars on maintaining healthy life for example on breast cancer and ways to prevent it, there were several project conducted for women and child health which included distribution of tonics and check-up for pregnant ladies and for babies also. The most important contribution from our club is this challenging time was funds for central oxygen pipeline in our civil hospital so that people don’t die of shortage. We successfully collected and donated Rs 25000 for the pipeline.
Now let’s move on to O which stand for Orphan and old age, the projects for them included food distribution, development of garden and distribution of books and stationary to kids. We also adopted two girl child for higher education.We created library for girls with 500 books.
Next is P which stands for Patriotism in this we did projects like online celebration of Independence Day and Republic Day, Sending our love and strength to borders on Rakhi.
Next comes E which is environment which was the most important seeing the destruction of Mother Nature everywhere. We created 2 urban forest with the plantation of 500 trees We distributed 3000 fruit saplings to rami village.We created garden with 75 floral plants for senior citizens named “VATSALYA VATIKA”
We conducted various webinars due to pandemic on various subjects like
Mental health,Inside story of Kargil,Breast Cancer,Terrace gardening,Financial investment,Happiness lies within,First Aid,Creating Safer World for Woman,Meditation,Choose your heart first,Cybercrime .We conducted various online competition like Bhagvadgeeta shlok recitation,Essay competition etc.

They were challenging b times but tried our best to help anybody and everybody we could and we are so happy to see the results of hard work.

Tree plantation project picture.

About Inner wheel District 306

one of the most important District of Inner wheel in Maharashtra which covers North Maharashtra and Vidrabha Region. It covers many big cities and districts of Maharashtra such as Nasik, Jalgaon, Akola, Amravati, Nagpur, Wardha and Chandrapur etc. This District performed well during this difficult time of Pandemic. All clubs did many charity work projects for pandemic affected people in rural areas of Maharashtra.

Brief History of Inner Wheel :

Inner Wheel founded by Mrs. Oliver Golding in 1923 is the World’s Second Largest Non-Governmental Voluntary, Women’s Service Organization consisting of mainly women folks of Rotarian. It’s purpose is to help and serve the needy and underprivileged sections of society. The Inner Wheel is the world’s second largest women’s organization and comprises of the women folk of Rotarians. It is a recognized voluntary Non-Government Organization to help and serve the needy and underprivileged sections of the Society. In recognition of its social service, it has got representation in the United Nations Economic and Social Council. The Inner Wheel concentrates upon Friendship and Personal Service.

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