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Meet Jyothikiran Das Secretary Inner wheel club District 317,Shared her glorious Inner wheel Journey with Hello Womeniya

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Brief Introduction of Jyotikiran Das :

In our Inner wheel Social entrepreneur series in this episode we are introducing you a very dynamic and and popular social Entrepreneur of IWC District 317 who firmly believes in Social service and charity work. She is known for her dedication work style and and very passionate  about her vision and goal. Yes we are talking about Jyoti kiran Das who is currently District Secretary of IWC District 317 For (2020-21).

Brief Introduction of Jyoti Kiran Das :

Jyothikiran Das is a versatile and vibrant lady with dynamism in all the work she choose to do. Born in Diwali day rightly named as Jyothikiran meaning rays of light.She is very creative and opts for always something new. From her childhood days she has been the golden girl with many excellence awards for her leadership qualities as feathers in her cap . A born fighter and ever smiling girl with tender heart and lovable by all ..charming personality and always ahead for helping others. She has been conferred the Darsha mahila award and District award for her social service. She has succeeded in conducting a statelevelvwomen conference with more than 2000 attendees from 30 districts and been the secretary of 28 mahila mandals organisation called Samskruti Mahila okkuta gala Samithi for last 8 years.A very ardent devotee of lord Krishna and balances the orthodox family and outside world with perfection.
She is the member of IWC of Bagalkot and presently the District Secretary of D317.
Her aim to make paperless reporting with new techniques was a boom in her period .
As a club president she had adopted a village and motivated villagers to have one toilet for every house and for those who had no place ,built 15 toilet blocks and converted the whole village into open defecation free village. She had helped a blind girl in getting her sight by sponsoring the cost of cornea transplantation. The first EShala a smart board with Syllabus of 5th, 6 th & 7 th std and classes of maths science and English was installed by her club in the District. Free cataract operations for more than 50 members of a village, giving communications skill classes for underprivileged children,
Breastfeeding awareness ,health camps ,personality development camps,
Tailoring , beauty course and mobile repairs for women to make livelihood ,
Honey comb making ,bangles shop and trycycle for handicapped women to make them self reliant ,Picnic and funfair visit for Blind children
Sanitary napkins to cater for one year and financial Aid to two adolescent girls with nervous disorders who are in the lying position their whole life and self defence karate classes to orphanage children,
Free computer education to members to make them tech savvy,
Nutritional kits to aids children,Hearing aids and many more .conference at She has attended two Triennial conference one in Kolkatta and second in Pune , Multi District Rally, zonal meets and all Dist events.
IWC Bagalkot with 102? Enthusiastic members gave done remarkable projects to touch the heart of needy. Aid to transgender’s and biggest tower Innerwheel circle in India as IW branding , Adult education sponsored in a village ,Cow urine purification machines and sanitation projects are some of the highlights .
Challenges in Pandemic:
The unprecedented ties of Covid has toppled the world and left everyone in miserable conditions. In spite the great challenges, it’s a leap forward to accept and work in innovative ways to keep the wheel moving. The greatest challenge as District Secretary to me was collecting the reports of all 59 clubs. Due to the horrifying scenario postal service was discarded and not all were tech savvy to send mails of the reports. I initiated a new method and successfully collected the data from all the clubs . It was appreciated by everyone.
When one door closes the other opens. But we should have the positive sight to see that way and dash ahead with Zeal towards our goals. My words to all,
Aim big,spread your wings large enough and fly high to reach the sky . Keep the recording chamber of your heart filled with good deeds… Hope , cheer and courage makes you young at heart….I believe in growing Gracefully…That is the way to Inner happiness.

Brief introduction of IWC:-

Inner Wheel, founded by British women Mrs. Oliver Golding in 1924, is the world’s largest voluntary women service organization created primarily for women.

International Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s service voluntary organisations in the world and is active in more than 104 countries.
International Inner Wheel has three key objectives:

01. To Promote True Friendship
02. To Encourage the Ideals of Personal Service
03. To Foster International Understanding
Any woman who shares the three central aims of International Inner Wheel can join the organisation

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