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Meet Dr. Tejal Desai, Treasurer Inner wheel club of district 306 , shares her Covid 19 experience with Hello Womeniya

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Inner wheel club Treasurer of district 306 Dr. Tejal Desai shares her experience about lockdown with Hello Womeniya. Com Team.

The current pandemic that the world is undergoing warrants that this is perhaps the most difficult time we are ever going to face in our lives. It is even more difficult for the doctors who are working tirelessly to ensure that all those that are infected are provided with proper medical facilities. Their contributions and hard work deserve our gratitude each and every day.

Dr. TEJAL DESAI FROM NAVSARI, GUJARAT ,shares her covid 19 experience  and challenges faced by her during this lockdown with  Correspondent Janvi S Panjwani.

Dr. Tejal Desai is a Treasurer of 2021 of district 306 in ” Inner wheel club.”

Dr. Tejal Desai is working as a full time pathologist in   D. N. MEHTA SARVAJANIK HOSPITAL(PARSI HOSPITAL) Navsari.
She has checked thousand of Corona patients in “OPD and INDOOR” also tested samples for corona related lab tests.

When Hello Mumbai News Correspondent asked what challenges she faced during the lockdown Mrs.Tejal Desai said, “Most Challenging time was when my family tested covid positive and my husband was in a critical situation and hospitalized for 8 days, at that time also i worked from home and did my duty.”

I am a self motivated person and have deep faith in God ,said Mrs. Tejal Desai.

When asked about her experience during second wave Dr.Tejal Desai conveyed that, “During second wave 50% of my staff were infected by Covid-19 and our workload was very difficult , I managed it by giving moral support to my staff’s.

Dr. Tejal Desai has deep interest in psychology and had given psychological support to hundreds of Covid patients and their relatives .She Motivated to them and encouraged them how to fight with this pandemic.

When asked Dr.Tejal about what charity work she has done during this amid pandemic she said ,” In this difficult time I have donated handsome amount of money to the daily earning people and also donated money to Covid centers run by donations.”

Brief Introduction of Inner wheel club :

International Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s service voluntary organisations in the world and are active in more than 104 countries.Having more than one lacs Women Members worldwide. Inner wheel club has a very strong base in Urban India as well rural. This organisation had it’s representative in every district of the country. This organization strongly believes in Charity work and Social Service. Inner Wheel Club had more than 3,000 thousand clubs across India .

News Input by:- Janvi Panjwani

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  • A very humble work done by Dr Tejal Desai Mam during this Pandemic, we can understand it was a tough time for you and every one…but Self Motivation is the KEY to it…so stay tuned and atay blessed….Take care ?

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