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Meeet Mumbai business women Entrepreneur Michelle Vas ,shares professional journey with Hello Womeniya

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Attended AIUWC National Executive Council Meeting at I NC HQ, New Delhi 28-2-2021.

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Brief Introduction of Michelle Vas :

Hi! My name is Michelle Vas, State Co-ordinator, All India Unorganised Workers Congress (AIUWC) of All India Congress Commitee (AICC) which I joined four years ago. Before that, I was Vice President, Mumbai Pradesh Teachers Cell and later Mumbai Pradesh General Secretary, Minority Department, MRCC. I have done my M. A in Economics & Political Science, and have Professional Post Graduate Diplomas in Human Rights, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management. I am a Certified Counsellor in Personal Counselling and Child Guidance & Parental Counselling. At the moment, I am a doing PhD in Economics. By profession, I am a Professor of Management and Economics. I have been Visiting Faculty in many Colleges for last 15 to 20 years. My recent work was in Thadomal Shahani Institute of Business Management where I taught Management Information Systems and Performance Management to final year MBA students; at Babasaheb Gawde Institute of Management Studies where I lectured on Managerial Economics; at Raheja College where I facilitated learning in Advertising and Sales Management to the M. Com students, and Economics to First Year students; at the Indian Institute of Planning & Management, where I taught Strategic Human Resource Management, Business Ethics, Economic Environment of Business among others, to students right up to the final year of MBA. With 15 years as Visiting Faculty at the Yoga institute, I practised Personal Counselling and patented my Course on Self Counseling, building Skills in Subjects like Emotional Management, Stress Management, Counselling Skills & the Psychology of Yoga and at the Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training as Visiting Faculty of Personality Development and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

I started Online Businesses to help Start-ups with support skills, mainly for empowering people to remain self-reliant with jobs that would provide a livelihood. As a service provider at the National Skill Development Corporation I train people to develop vocational skills along with corporate internships to access on-the-job training. My Management Courses provide industry linked professional education. This aspect on creating employability is the focus of my research study which is the way for me to serve the people with what they need most – job creation and income generation. I would love to serve in a leadership capacity should I get the opportunity in Congress. My Company which I launched in 1998 Millennium Solutions works with individuals and groups; works with corporates; MBS Publishers develops and promotes authors who write books and showcases business leaders through published event proceedings. My recent venture is MBS Media Entertainment where I have produced two documentaries; one on ‘save water’ and second on ‘corruption’ and I have sent them to the Film Festival. It is an initiative to tap into creative talent and enable them to earn a living while telling real-life stories. My main focus is meaningful content creation. Our outreach work is with destitute children (2018); mentally disadvantaged (2019); youth scholarships (2020). These are our CSR initiatives.

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