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Jagruti Sheth President Inner wheel club Anand Round Town ,District 306 comes forward to support pandemic affected people during Lockdown

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Pandemic Charity Picture.

Group picture of IWC Team.

Picture of Service project during pandemic.

News Input by Janvi Panjwani :

Inner wheel News Desk :

Brief introduction of Inner wheel :
International Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s voluntary service organizations in the world and is active in more than 104 countries with over 1 lakh members. The motto of Innerwheel is “friendship and service”.
The objectives are –
1. To promote true friendship
2. To encourage the ideals of personal service
3. To foster international understanding

Brief Introduction of Jagruti Sheth:

In our Inner wheel Social entrepreneur series in this episode we are introducing you a very dynamic and and popular social Entrepreneur of Anand who is firmly believes in Social service and charity work yes we are talking about Jagruti Seth president of Anand round Town IWC District of 306.She shared her Service and charity projects which she did during lockdown for the poor and needy people.

Jagruti Sheth is active social Entrepreneur  at Animal welfare organisation( Sarva Dharma Jeev data sang) Anand. It’s difficult for her to see people in pain and distress and therefore she is always willing to help and support individuals in need. She said, “This time I got an opportunity to be elected as the President of IWC and serve people with ideas which were only possible with the support of club secretary and team members of the club”. She said.

Since the time of Covid-19, she took the responsibility of IWC as a president and realised that the most important need of the hour was “food” as a mode of survival, people were losing jobs. They couldn’t even afford the school fees for their child’s education. This all leads to mental health issues. . Looking at the scenario & evaluating the depth of the situation IWC team, with the secretary and she initiated a few Service programs.

By addressing the people Jagruti Sheth said,” Don’t loose hope, it’s time to gather our will power and fight together”.

“Remember that this is a temporary phase and not your whole life. It’s tough but we will get through it more stronger and prepared for any challenges that life throws at us”, said Jagruti Sheth.

we are very lucky International Inner wheel President Bina Vyas ji belongs to our District Anand she supported us and guided us well during this difficult time of pandemic she performed well even the time of pandemic am thankful for her great support to our Anand Round Town Club, ” said Jagruti Seth. 

Charity and service projects during Lockdown :

1. On the Yoga international day, an immunity-boosting yoga session was cast live on TV-9.
2. A total of 72 Corona warriors and doctors were felicitated with bouquets and certification.
3. IWC arranged a team of teachers who went to educate children at their houses and honoured them with a certificate and a kit inclusive of masks and sanitizers.
4. Donated 57 PPE kits at Civil hospital, Anand.
5. More than 2000 masks, sanitizers were distributed amongst fruit-vegetable vendors, labor, and traffic police.
6. Supplied basic necessities, snacks, vitamin C tablets, clothes, and a meal at Three old age homes. Gifted television and screened movies for their entertainment as well.
7. More than 1500 families were supplied with basic food items.
8. 5 hoardings were put in the city for saving the environment, being responsible towards senior citizens, cleanliness, and girl child education.
9. IWC hosted a live YouTube motivational session by Famous Gujarati author & orator Mr.Jay Vasavada.
10. Eco-friendly Incinerator machines (used for menstrual pad disposal) were installed in three schools at Anand.
11. Donated 2 sewing machines, 5 sewing kits with cloth at the school. IWC paid the salary for the teacher and started tailor teaching sessions for students for free.
12. Successfully implemented work from home for women to help them earn.
13. Hoardings were put for emergency helpline of covid -19 at public places and banners were put in schools across the city.
14. During the months of winter; January and February, blankets were distributed to the underprivileged group.
15. School fees for more than 15 students were sponsored so that they could continue their education.
16. Donation for Animal welfare was given. Three day camp was organized for treatment of wounded birds during the festival of sankranti.
17. 11 volunteers were trained from IWC for Kangaroo Mother care support group. Mother’s were psycho educated on the benefits of it. Protein supplements and products were given for child development. Children were monitored untill they turned from 800grms to 2.5kgs which is a healthy state.
18. Keeping in view the environment, a campaign has been launched to make Anand City plastic-free. to begin with, Delivery of the waste material to the recycling factory.
19. Planted two Inner wheel ayurvedic farms.
20. Organised vaccination camps with Rocart and B. N. College and distributed N-95 masks and sanitizer bottles.”

These were some of the successful implementations which were initiated and assisted by the Inner wheel club under the management of President Mrs. Jagruti Sheth & secretary Mrs.Trupathi Shah.

About Innerwheel District 306:
Sneha Jain is  chairperson of District 306. This club covers big cities of Gujarat such as Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Anand,  Baruch, Vapi, Navsari, etc. In Maharashtra, it covers the Dhule district.


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