Disha Arora ISO Inner wheel club Dhule, District 306, Shared charity work details during pandemic with Hello Womeniya

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Mask and sanitizer distributed to health workers at Civil Hospital, Dhule.

Brief Introduction of Disha Arora :

• ISO.  Disha Pravin Arora IWC Dhule  District 306. I joined Innerwheel Club in 2019. I am happily married to Pravin Arora and I am a Housewife. We have two daughters, elder daughter Vanshika Arora and younger daughter Pari Arora. They both are studying in school. My hobby is Cooking and Dancing .
• I was born and brought up in Dhule . Dhule is a major junction in map of India . As it resides on boundary of Gujrat and Madhya Pradesh , so it is easy to acces from anywhere . Its history and legacy we can see in “Rajwade sanshodhan mandal “ and “ Museum” and “Sports of lading” close to Dhule.
•I had joined Club in 2019 as a member. In 2020 I became ISO . In 2021-2022 the Innerwheel club will handover me a position of SECRETARY .
•Everyone thinks that housewife is housewife but actually housewife is Queen of the House.
•Being a Housewife I also love to do Social Work .
Charity Project Details during pandemic 2020- 21:
•1 Crossing Inner Wheel Forest @Nagaon and Seed Ball Plantation @Nagaon-ondur Road Near Vadel.
• 2. Save Planet Earth & Environment@Civil Hospitals Distribution of Mask to Vegetable Vendors @market, Face shield, Masks, and PPE kits
• 1. Health and Hygiene:Total Number of Projects: 21 (Till OCV)
•Total Number of Members : 53 (Fifty-Three only)Name of the Club: Inner Wheel Club Dhule (District 306)


Saree Distribution among poor and needy people.

series of Charity projects and felicitation function carried out by IWC Dhule amid pandemic . Such as Dhule and Group of teachers from Chavara School, Dhule felicitated by IWC for IWC Directors with newly married couples and sponsored Gold Mangalsutra , @ Songir 5.4. Care for the orphans and Disabled and Social Responsibility @ Gondur Village, Dhule Distribution of Sweet, Crackers, Gifts and Snacks to every house of Inner Wheel Nagar health workers i.e. doctors, nurses, ward boys @Civil Hospital Dhule. out mask distribution @public place, also face shield, masks, sanitizers and PPE kit distribution to This year as a social responsibility IWC decided to take care of human beings. IWC carried to patients. Urjaa Hospital for Physiotherapy center, Nasik for Senior citizens. Fruit packets were distributed session for all, Health Care in Covid Pandemic along with project Nutrition was carried out at IWC Dhule also organised some virtual lectures like Soap making workshop, free Yoga . extraordinary, appreciable and devoted work during the pandemic timeswhich is the need of this pandemic. Also felicitated 75 teachers of Chavara School Dhule for their @Nagaon, Seed ball plantation which will definitely help increase the Oxygen level in the area projects like IWC Forest plantation for which president herself made available her own land IWC Dhule also looked after the branding and public image of the club by implementing Magalsutra and wedding attire gifted by D.C. to the couples. earn scheme. IWC sponsored the marriage ceremony of orphan and challenged girl child @Songir. workshop on mask making was organized @Faridaas Boutique. A permanent project on Learn and Learn and Earn scheme for poor and needy women, under women empowerment a training “Caring for Women and Girls” club continuously worked in the same direction. Implemented IWC Dhule worked hard even in the pandemic this year. As per the theme this year All Other Projects during the year 2020-21Poor and Needy Women Training workshop for Face Mask Making Project under “Learn and Earn”

Brief Introduction of IWC:

International Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s service voluntary organisations in the world and is active in more than 104 countries
International Inner Wheel has three key objectives:

To Promote True Friendship
To Encourage the Ideals of Personal Service
To Foster International Understanding
Any woman who shares the three central aims of the International Inner Wheel can join the organisation. This Organisation had a strong presence in India having more than three Thousand Clubs in every District.

Innerwheel Club is shinning all over India
•Statistics till 19-5-2021IW Association statisticsIndia
•Number of total clubs- 1446
•Number of Total Members- 46544
•IW DIST 306 statistics51 st year of DISTRICT 306
•Started 1971-72
•Clubs 40Members 1380
•IIW Statistics-
•Total members 107,200 based on Cap fees paid-
Total Clubs 4,062-

News Source :IWC Dhule District 306.

News Input by Ruchika Sawant 

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