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Chaula Gajiwala Surat Social Entrepreneur and President , Inner wheel club of Surat ,Dist.306, shares her charity work projects amid pandemic

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News Input by:- Janvi Panjwani

Brief Introduction of IWC :

International Inner Wheel  Club is an international women’s organisation to create friendship, service and understanding. It has clubs in over 100 countries with over 100,000 members.IWC has very strong presence in India. It has more than 3000 thousands clubs in Urban and rural India. Since the Covid 19 Pendamic breaks out Inner wheel club launched charity campaign worldwide. 

Notably, Inner wheel club is an active and vibrant organisation  that aids the poor and needy people even in nature’s calamity.

In the 1st Outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic’, Inner wheel club India  ensured
Its helping hand in distribution
If essential items to the needy and poor.

Amid this Covid-19 2nd Wave pandemic, everyone is going through dilemmas and the Inner Clubs  are trying to minimise it

Needless to mention Inner wheel club  have accomplished numerous significant social projects in medical, vocational, educational, and many other areas of endeavor.

In the midst of this Pandemic, they are providing benefits to the needy ones.

Even in the 1st Wave of the pandemic Inner wheel  Club have risen to the grim situation and dustributed essential items to the needy and poor.

In our Inner wheel series in this episode we are introducing.  A well known social Entrepreneur  of Surat,   Chaula Gajiwala who is also Inner wheel club’s  Surat president District 306 .She  shared her charity work projects and lockdown experience with Hello Womeniya. 

Brief Introduction of  Chaula Gajiwala:-

Chaula Gajiwala ,a remedial educator is an entrepreneur and owner of SHREEJI -THE EAGLES, a remedial centre for young learners. She is the recipient of the prestigious SHIKSHAN RATNA AWARD by Sarvajanik Education Society and EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING AWARD by the Elite Educators Association of India. She has many such accolades in her name.
She has been working at the grassroot level for the upliftment of the underprivileged.
Presently, she is the President of Inner wheel club of Surat ,Dist.306.
Chaula firmly believes that the fabrication of social work grew manifolds during this pandemic.
She is the recipient of the prestigious NAARI GAURAV AWARD from Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry for her outstanding contribution towards social work this year.

While having a conversation about the charity work with Hello Womeniya News team Chaula Gajiwala said, “My Innerwheel Presidential year began with tough times of COVID 19, but that didnot stop me from going ahead with social projects. The initial thrust was on the distribution of masks, vapourisers and sanitizer machines. And it gives me immense satisfaction that We were the first to donate sanitizer machines and masks to the staff of SURAT RAILWAY STATION. Apart from this, masks were also distributed at Vaatsalyapuram Orphanage, Variav village and

numerous slum areas.”

Chaula Gajiwala further added,”Rain water harvesting is acting as an incredible support system providing a superb alternative to the main water supply. It is coming off as a life saver for many urban communities as well. Installation of 2 Rain Water Harvesting systems covering the entire Campus of Andhajan Sikshan Mandal Blind School, Ghod dod Road , Surat was my MEGA PROJECT.”

In additional to this Chaula Gajiwala said,”Also a FREE MALL concept was implemented at the CHHAPRABATA VILLAGE where 250 beneficiaries were able to get appliances, clothes and much more .”

Chaula Gajiwala further conveyed that,”I am working a lot on Adult literacy where senior house maids who are unable to read and write their own name are taught the same. They no more use thumb impression, instead they have their signature now.
One should see the glitter in their eyes!”

“During this pandemic I thought that a lot is being done for mankind but the animals were neglected and hence this Animal Welfare work was undertaken wherein we donated a large animal stretcher.
Animals are speechless species. They never demand. So, did our bit” said, Chaula Gajiwala.

Chaula Gajiwala further conveyed that,”There are so many issues one faces due to aging. One such is hearing deficit. We donated a Hearing Aid to an underprivileged senior citizen that brought a complete transformation in her life, Imparting knowledge on hygiene and nutrition at Anganwadi was a hit where women benefited. Cleanliness Rally was also done in collaboration with SURAT MUNICIPAL CORPORATION. Tree plantation drive was carried out. Women were given training for stitching masks.
Webinars on Women Empowerment, Rain water Harvesting, Building Resilience during Covid, Dance therapy were also organised. I wish to do more.”

She has also been honoured with the BEST ISO AWARD title in 2018-19.

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